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September 8th 2015
Published: September 8th 2015
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Five months ago, I quit my job at a world renowned hotel, to travel the world. I have been working there for almost three years, and I was pretty well set up with the right benefits, leisure package, and complimentary nights at any hotels world wide. I had the good life. I was financially stable, I owned a car and I lived in my own country. But I had the travel bug, and my biggest excitement involved throwing away everything that I had, and pack my suitcase and go. I live with that feeling daily.

I will always remember the day that I finally got the courage to sit down with my intimidating but career orientated manager. I remember sitting down at a table, in the closed part of the restaurant I worked at, and I had that talk with my boss. The main thing I wanted to ask him, is permission to go travel, and come back to my same old job when I'm done travelling. It is called a leave of absence. It is usually unpaid, but you are guaranteed to have your job back when you're done being absent from the real world. The thing is, I wasn't asking permission to leave, I had already bought a one way ticket to Australia before having that talk.

Obviously, from a management and financial point of view, there was no point of keeping me employed and keeping my benefits and insurance covered if I was going to travel. So I was left with the only option to quit. I will always remember my manager telling me to chase my dreams. I never really liked him, and I thought at the time that he only wanted to get rid of me. I didn't feel really appreciated, or valued, because it seemed like it was so easy for them to let me go. I felt like they pushed me in the direction of quitting my job, and it made me questionned in every way, if I was making the right decision. To this day, our 20 minute talk about work, and travels is still clear in my head. That exact memory of the day I told my manager that I was quitting, to follow my dreams is one that will last forever, He has thought me to always chase your dreams, even if it means you have to make un-adult-like decisions. I quit a job that was becoming a career and today they asked me to come back.

Chase your dreams because they make you who you are. Strive for your goals, until you reach them and want to make new ones. The rest will most of the time, always stay the same when you come back.


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