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June 18th 2012
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Cocunt MilkCocunt MilkCocunt Milk

Coconut milk in the market
Current location: Brisbane airport. We are camping out at Brisbane airport for our second time this weekend because our bus ride back to Lismore is at 6 am. My recommendation for sleeping in airports: Talk to the airport security guards; they know the best locations for sleeping in the airport. We got carpet, and an area in the airport where the lights turn off at night. (Typically for camping out at the airport it’s hard floor and bright lights with janitors cleaning the floor in the wee hours of the night.)A 5 stars sleeping arrangement.

We flew into Cairnes on Friday morning, and upon our arrival we explored the area a bit, and found there was a Farmer’s market located right next to our hostel. The farmer’s market had a variety of fruit samples and I tried a sugar banana for the first time, along with learning there was different types of avocados. It’s also avocado season here in Aussie, and avocados are sold for very cheap. I also tried Coconut milk for the first time…it’s a similar taste to milk but it’s healthier for you.

After exploring the area, we decided we wanted an afternoon workout.

The end of our Bike Journey. All worth it!
The workout? A Biking adventure through the sugar cane fields, mountains, and onto the ocean view. Kelly and I decided to spend our Friday afternoon biking around Cairnes. We gave ourselves a little adventure and took a highway route (Captain Cook’s highway to be specific.) Biking down the highway in Australia was thrilling, and so much fun! The views we had through our bike ride were gorgeous, and the further we got away from the tourist part of Carnes, the more peaceful the ride became. Our bike ride to the ocean view was a total of 8 kilometers (which is around 5 miles). On our bike ride we learned that there were crocodiles on the ocean view that we had. The way we learned this? Well, on our bike adventure we found ourselves on a street called Cinderella Street. Cinderella Street led us to a crocodile path. We whizzed our bikes around quick after that! We were happy to learn this because the moment we saw the ocean we were ready to dip our feet into the water. It’s a good thing we didn’t! The pictures and adventure were well worth the $20 spent to rent bikes for 6 hours.

A wonderful bike tour we gave ourselves
My body was also feeling the payment later with my sore legs. Pain from workouts is so good.

We arrived back from our bike ride not long before sunset, and met up with Kelsey and April who were sun tanning at our Hostel’s pool. Our hostel this past weekend went beyond my expectations (probably because of the free meal we got each night) The free meal each night was a small portion, but nonetheless, it was a free meal which is a nice addition to what we had not been offered at our past weekend hostel stays. We were happy to have Gilligan’s hostel located in the middle of Carnes. Being a convientant location, the hostel has the “hotspot” club of Carnes. Typically, it costs a person a $30 cover charge to get into the hostel but because we were backpackers staying there, we got in for free. Another great perk we didn’t realize we were getting!

Saturday was a big day for all of us; we packed our bags with swimsuits and cameras and got on a cruise boat for the day to the Great Barrier Reef…one of the Seven Wonders of the
The cruiseThe cruiseThe cruise

The Reef
World. The cruise boat had tea/coffee and breakfast, lunch and snacks available to us for the whole day. The food offered was top notch food…shrimp, sweet potatoes, tomatoes with oregano, bread, pumpkin cake, cheese & crackers, and more. We were fed well all day. It’s a good thing we were fed well all day because the day’s activities took a lot out of us.

I had the opportunity to scuba dive! And I found Nemo. It was an awesome experience, but scary at first. The part that was tough for me was getting used to the breathing because it feels so different. I was happy to be able to hold the scuba instructors hand the whole time; makes us feel very safe and secure in someone’s hands who knows what they are doing. Kelsey and I went down with the scuba instructor together and it took us both some time to get used to going under water. After about ten minutes of nervous thinking, we went under the sea. For my first ten minutes down there, I was in amazement at the colors of the reef, the fish, and all the living creates in the water. After
On the ReefOn the ReefOn the Reef

In paradise on the reef
about ten minutes, I had a small panic thought of the odd breathing techniques, let go of my instructors hand and zoomed up to the surface (the surface was twelve feet up). Shortly after, the instructor zoomed up and told me I had scared her. Letting go on the instructors’ hand is the last thing a first time diver should do under water. It was a scary moment for the instructor because she thought I wasn’t ok. I truly was ok, but the breathing takes lots of getting used to, and for me, takes more getting used to than I thought. We went back down after that and I was able to be under for another ten minutes or so, and then went back to the surface. Besides getting used to the breathing, I’m really happy I was able to try scuba diving, and I recommended everyone tries it because the life under the sea is a beauty to be seen!

We arrived back from our day cruise around sunset, and all of us were worn out from the sun and the only thing on my mind was how wonderful of a day I just had, but also my

In my snorkel gear, after scuba. I wasn't nervous at all compared to scuba..
major need to shower. We went back to our hostels to lay around for a while and get ready for a night out in the Gilligan’s nightclub.

Sunday Kelsey and April flew back home on an early flight, but Kelly and I had the whole day left in Carnes so we decided to go take in the zoo. The zoo was a great end to our weekend in Carnes because we were finally able to see what I had been looking for this whole trip; a kangaroo and a koala! It was amazing; the kangaroos at the zoo are free roaming through the zoo so we can get close up and feed them. We also saw dingos, crocodiles, snakes, and various other Australian animals.

It was quite the journey to get back home because we took a plane, train, bus and taxi all in the past 48 hours. In addition we have ridden bikes and been on a boat. How’s that for transportation variety?

I’m very thankful to have had a 4 day weekend that was packed with such beautiful scenery! This weekend was adventurous yet refreshing and I’m ready for the 4 day week. My wallet

All nervous for scuba
is also ready for the week! I was so happy to step into my host mum’s house this afternoon and take a bite of food that I didn’t have to pay for, The joys of Goonellbah

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

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Scuba certificates

At the Carnes zoo feeding a Kangaroo

18th June 2012

Breathless! Oh, exhausted too.
That is how we feel! Some four day weekend Sarah!. Pictures are fabulous as well you are. Glad you are back from your exciting adventure, safe and sound. We are still catching our breath. You are just tooo brave! Love, G & G
18th June 2012

Scuba diving
You certainly know how to travel. Biking sounds beautiful. Scuba diving sounds scarry! It was so inteeresting to read all about your Reef adventures. Anxious to read about your next adventure! Love you, Gramma Pat.
19th June 2012

What an amazing adventure you and your friends had Sarah--truly I would be nervous too! Y ou even got a certificate --cool!!!!!! love you Sarah.

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