SYDNEY: Vivid one day...beautiful the next...the Vivid Festival

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June 13th 2013
Published: June 13th 2013
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SYDNEY: Vivid one day...beautiful the next...the Vivid Festival.

I saw the Sydney Opera House get built...walked around it heaps of times...photographed tourists against it so they could all be in the photo...even seen the odd recital there.

Love the cream white tiles on scales of a fish or exotic reptile.

Love the sails that always evoke feelings how this building was so radical for its day...radical in design any day.

But this week I've seen the Sydney Opera House in a new hundreds of lights...hundreds of moving pictures splashed on its frame...spectacular.

Vivid Sydney...A Festival of Light, Music & Ideas...24 May to 10 June 2013...6 p.m. to midnight...miss out and be square.

As the blurb goes "Colouring the city with creativity & inspiration, Vivid Sydney highlights include the hugely popular light instalations & projections, performances from local & international musicians at Vivid Live at the Sydney Opera House and the Vivid Exchange featuring public talks and debates from leading global thinkers."

We would have seen one of the musical performaces last Sunday week ago...but better entertaining other Travelbloggers at our home...gotta get your priorities right!

So last weekend Denise & I headed into the city for a taste of what was on tripod & camera packed...Denise's ipod as I hadn't charged the batteries for her camera...who says that's my job?

Always drive into the city...why catch public transport when you can drive...why catch public transport when Denise can drive us in more like it...if not...I'd drive.

Favourite parking station near the Basement where we see bands...near the Rocks so a good position...never seen it so crowded. Drove through 8 underground floors...not a spare spot...parked aside the lift by side of the carriageway...others doing likewise...should be OK.

Walking towards the harbour...massive crowds near outdoor in yellow jackets directing traffic...and pedestrians...felt like running ahead when caught glimpses of the Opera House ahead...that rush of expectation when you see something is going to be better than you imagined.

The Opera House painted in a menage of light and images...masses of people around...masses of cameras...many on tripods...really glad I brought my tripod.

The harbour foreshore at the Overseas Passenger Terminal...really glad no ships are in...plenty of room to grab a spot right on the edge...park my tripod...hands shaking with excitement as I fiddled with the screw-in for the tripod...this is going to be sensational.

I've never taken so many shots of the Opera House...clown faces, coloured leaves, swirls, moving stripes, faces forming then evaporating, images of electronica, of music, of dreams.

I was in Heaven...and then it started again.

I missed nothing as it turned out...saw the slidshow several times...from various spots on the foreshore...taking pics for me...for others...of others...peoples of many Nations...all excited to be there...for Vivid Sydney.

Around the corner the Harbour Bridge...better colours from the other side I hear...light shows on see-saws...lights jumping out as people play a piano...walls of buildings illuminated with galloping horses, cars screeching, swirls of images and colours.

Darling Harbour also a highlight I hear...the World's largest interactive LED screen, a 20 metre wall of light, light shows on water, on buildings, to music.

Other bays and buildings with highlights...even had images of Dr Who on Customs House one night.

And throughout Vivid Sydney there is the Reportage Festival...outdoor showcasing and workshops for documentary photography.

Can't wait for next year...I'll make sure we head into the city more often for next much more to see.

Better charge Denise's camera so she drives me in next year...better be extra nice to her...otherwise I'll have to do the driving.

No matter...sometimes I think I'm the better driver!

Relax & Enjoy,

Dancing Dave

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13th June 2013

Sydney Harbour bet! So many people but everyone sharing the love...ahhh! The better driver? humph!
13th June 2013

gender complementarity
Denise drives, Dave charges. Next year you'll be walking your tripod into the City. By the way, there are anti-dumping laws in most countries...I've never seen so many pictures of the same thing!
13th June 2013

I've never seen so many pictures of the same thing
Nor have I...about half the pictures I got...Denise's mainly different. Gives a good idea how amazing the light show on the Opera House was...a handful of shots does not do it justice. It was amazing & spectacular. Some nights it was so crowded that there were safety concerns.
13th June 2013

love the shots of the opeara house on different light patterns. you can make a mosaic out of these ;)
13th June 2013

Glad you liked it. I make no apologises for the number of shots of the Opera House. They are all amazing. Oh if I could make a mozaic...oh to be technical enough to do so.
13th June 2013

Colouring the city with creativity & inspiration
Wow! Sorry we missed this amazing display. The opera house remains a standout among man's architectural wonders. It can dazzle and indeed it looks like it did. Whoops, no batteries, bummer. Yep, better have them ready next year! Fantastic photos! Amazing!
13th June 2013

Colouring the city with creativity & inspiration
Thanks for commenting MJ. The Opera House always inspires me...but to see her showcased as in my pics...the thrill will stay with me for a long time.
13th June 2013

Panorama party
I just watched your panoramas several times through before i could even read the blog--what incredible fun! And live music and a Documentary Photographic Festival (my fave)! My, what a fine city you have--thanks for sharing the colors!
13th June 2013

Panorama party
Thanks for commenting Tara. As one who lives among panoramic beauty every day in the paradises you call home...a taste of Sydney by comparison. Now we have Sydney Film Festival with 100s of films from around the World on the culture continues in this corner of the globe. Gotta say it's nice to live in such an innovative city.
14th June 2013

The pictures speak for themselves. A major deviation from portraits, but enjoyable. Now to rate them...all 5 stars???
14th June 2013

Thanks for commenting Bob. Having visited the Sydney Opera House with us you know how splendid it is. Now you see it in many new lights. My pleasure to share it.
28th August 2013

Thank You
Amazing and just VIVID! Thanks for sharing!
28th August 2013

Thank You Joanne & Wes
Appreciate you spent the time to comment...amazing & just vivid...amazing I didn't know how good it was until I excuses next year!

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