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October 15th 2011
Published: October 14th 2011
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on my last day in chile mel and kirk who were on the salt flat tour came to stay at the same hostal. That night we went out for dinner then played pool in the hostal. We had planned to do the city tour the next day but decided to cook for ourselves and set off on a mission with a brazilian guy we had met and a friend of his who was a local. We nly thought we were going on a 5 min walk to the shops it turned out to be a marathon. We walked miles to a local market picked up supplies to make pizza for lunch and pasta for evening meal, then went to a supermarket then walked another million miles to find 'the best empenadas' in chile, aaand to be fair they were pretty damn good.
I got picked up and went to the airport at 7pm the first thing i did was go to starbucks for a brownie and hot chocolate... it was soooooo good! And pretty much all iv done since hitting oz is eat, its so nice to not have to eat rice for every meal! I got to the hostal in oz then went for a walk down to the harbour and opera house. I was expecting the opera house to be amazing but it just looked like a dirty deformed armadillo. I walked across the bridge, and lo and behold there was a fish and chip shop on the other side... so i got some chips and sat by the harbour watching the world go by. On the way back i passed a Guylain Cafe as in the chocolate... well that was too good to pass by i mean a GUYLAIN cafe!!! awesome. So I got a hot chocolate and a brownie and went and sat in a park, by this time i was feeling very ill because id stuffed myself but it was all good! I headed back to the hostal and inadvertantly fell asleep not waking up till 1am which was a bit pants but i was knackered! Next morning i got up at 5am, i meant to get up at 6am but my clock was wrong! I got ready then went to catch the bus to go skydiving!!! I wasn't nervous at all to be honest we got there filled out the paperwork which alarmingly said 'accidents can and OFTEN do happen' nice, so i signed my life away then we all squeezed in the little plane and i got strapped in. We climbed to 14000 ft really steeply then the door opened and the first guy went and before i knew it i was falling through the air too, that first few seconds when you drop are absolutely terrifying!!!! all the freefall was fucking terrifying! i tried to breath but couldnt... i had to keep putting my handover my mouth to stop the air a bit so i could inhale, which kinda ruined the video but its still funny as! After 60 seconds the parachute opened this was just as we got through the clouds and we could see the beach below us... it was awesome. You still fall a lot faster than what i thought you did and before i knew it we were landing! All in all the most terrifying few mins i have ever had but it was out of this world!


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