salt flat tour

Published: October 10th 2011
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The bus left to go to uyuni, thank god! The bus ride was the worst yet, the bus was actually 12 hours and 11.5 hours of that was on really bumpy untarmaced roads, someone should really speak to bolivia about getting some tarmac down. I got no sleep whatsoever because of the road and because some twat infront kept turning his very bright torch on! Anyway i arrived bit the worse for wear and in need of a shower but then found out i could get on a tour that morning so i went got booked and went for breakfast. 10.30 i got to the tour office an jumped in the 4x4, first stop was a train grraveyard then on to the salt flats which were just out of this world for as far as you can see just salt which looks and feels underfoot like snow, we visited the old salt hotel which is made completely out of salt, quite cool. We headed then to the hostal where we were going to spend the night. Driving in to the town was like driving in to bosnia of afghanistan or somewhere it looks exactly the same. The hostal was freezing, no water- not even cold water so i had a shower under a bottle i had, it was rough but by this time the group had bonded and we were having an awesome time anyway! The day after we saw many lagoons which i cant explain in detail because im writing this afterwards but beautiful non the less and we saw thousands of pink flamingos. The second nights accomodation was worse than the first we were all in the same room which turned out to be great, we had dinner a few drinks then went to bed and played a game where we all had to say a word to make up a sentence... there was some really funny stuff said i wish one of us had wrote it down, one i remember was franco wanks so hard that vasaline is useful! so we could watch the sunrise we all got up at 4am, which was hard and very very very cold they sky at that time in a morning was amazing though you could see the milky way! the 4 x 4 had no heating... it was grim. On the way we stopped to see some geysers which were great then on to a place with hot springs. Only franco and kirk got in the rest of us chickened out becuse it was so cold and believe me it was cold! After the springs we went to border control and went to chile. Mel and kirk had to go back to la paz which was sad but they are coming to the hostal im in in santiago tonight so things might get messy!
The rest of us me franco, rodrigo and amandine went to san pedro and had a great few days together we cooked, well franco the italian cooked and we ate! there were even illegal raves in the middle of the atacama desert which is the driest dester in the world. The first night me franco rodrigo and some other guys we met went to death valley the setting was amazing but they could hve done with a bvetter dj, even so i had a fab night and danced my arse off all night. The night after still in the desert we went to a kind of abandoned farmhouse slash barn, it was a cooler crowd and better music but the police turned up which was a bit of a bummer and on the way back i lost my phone! We got back starving at 6am so franco bless him stole some spagetti and sauce and cooked at 6am... happy days! We did breakfast the day after and left franco and rodrigo they were heading north. It was sad because we all got on really well me and rodrigo are going to try to sort out a reunion in amsterdam! Me and amandine got on a but to santiago which was 24 hours. Its the longest bus journey iv ever been on but it was ok because i was a bit tired from the partying so i slept most of it. So now im off to oz tommorrow, wish i had more time here in chile it seems really nice but very very expensive. It was wierd because literally you have been driving on un tarmaced roads and as soon as you hit the border its tarmaced! The houses are alot nicer here, the roads and they look after their dogs so much better! So tonight we party and fly tommorrow


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