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January 1st 2011
Published: January 1st 2011
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HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.
This is my last post from Australia. I spent New Year's Eve at Hunters Hill - I could walk to a park and the view was amazing overlooking the bridge...so I sat on the grass ( in shorts and t-shirt!!!) for an hour or so and watched as boats all lit up sailed up and down - a pretty sight - then we all jumped up as the countdown began and BANG it began. It was not too crowded where I was - and I must say that Sydney and the Harbour Trust have done a great job of organising the 1.5 million visitors who watch. So if anyone else is going to see the fireworks some time - I can give you some tips - It was one of those WOW moments in life that I won't forget. Its so clever how they get all the shapes up in the air - X and heart shapes and circles and everything. I managed to take a few videos shots - but I haven figured out if I can download them to the blog. Will try later.
So it was what we in the house swappers circles call a "mop and bucket" day as I prepared Stuarts apartment for his next lot of visitors and cleaned his car... blimey that must be a record for me - I have cleaned 4 cars since the end of September!!! Many thanks to Stuart and Jo for this house swap - and to be able to stay in such a beautiful grand apartment and in such a very different old area of Sydney. I looked at the mountain of my stuff to pack with horror - it's not that I have bought anything apart from a couple of t-shirts but it all looked such a mess ...but after giving myself a good talking to I set to and got everything back into my 2 cases. Had to buy a new case as the handle fell off the old one - so managed to get a nice 4 wheely one in the sales when I went shopping with Wilma- it had one of those fancy locks.... and after a day trying to get my code in and lock it with no success- I then got it locked and couldn't unlock it - and I am supposed to be and intelligent woman!!!!( I bet Wilma and Mel are laughing at this!!!) So I ended up being pathetic and phoning the shop and then taking back the case and good service from David Jones in Sydney - they gave me another case....problem solved.!So ready to leave Hunters Hill Jo took me to the ferry and off I went to Double Bay to stay my last 2 days with Angela and Ed - thanks to Hattie for giving me her bed again!!!
So I fly with Emirates tomorrow Monday - to Auckland and my next house swappers are meeting me at the airport - they have already stayed in Greenway but I havent met them yet - and I am sure we will have a great time.
Its strange and sad to leave Australia - I have read so much about the pioneers and settlers and only travelled a small part of this country - and I really admire the way the Aussies deal with the extremes of climate in their country...and everyone I have met has been so kind, hospitable and helpful and full of fun...it's a great place and so it's not goodbye Australia its au revoir - I am sure I will be back.
Hope evryone with travel plans can get away ok in this next few weeks.
Love to you
PS - Jan - lovely to read about your experience as a girl in the Blue Mnts ....how different it is now .
Sue - sorry to hear about the frozen pipes and cat mess.... you see you should have come with me.
Michele - good to hear from you and I am glad that Remi and Marie seem to be doing so well.


1st January 2011

Fare Thee Well
Hi and bye Lynne. So lovely to catch up with you in Brisbane and my, haven't you done a lot since then! I am envious of you being able to see the Sydney fireworks 'live'...we only watch on the TV. Although part of me is a bit aghast at the monumental amount of dollars which to into fireworks displays throughout Australia - especially on New Year's Eve. I think a lot of that money could be better spent but then my kids would say...'oh Mum, you are such a 'do-gooder' with your heart on your sleeve'. I guess they are probably correct but I won't be changing anytime soon. Enjoy New Zealand. I have only been to the North Island (twice) and loved it. I long to see the South Island sometime soon. Fond regards. Stay safe and well in your travels. Jan
2nd January 2011

A sad farewell!
Hi Lynne I was so wonderful to spend time with you. We will all miss you. You are an inspiration. Have a wonderful time in NZ and a safe trip home. Hopefully we will all meet up again possibly in the south of France! Lots f love and hugs. Susan xxx
2nd January 2011

Farewell to AUS
Hi Lynne You will find NZ fabulous! I love it and despite saying when I left the first time "I guess I won't be back" - I managed a second visit and armed with the info from the first one it made things easy in knowing where / where not to visit!! Just as enjoyable the second time. Have a wonderful time - looking forward to following the blog as you progress - hope you manage to pick cherries on the way from Picton to Greymouth and Margaret and I did on our visit - same time of year. The cherries were HUGE and divine!! Wonderful bags of apricots too. Love Jill xxx
2nd January 2011

To the Adventurer!!
Hi Lynne Sounds like Oz has been great! Have a wonderful time in Auckland - we lived there for nearly 10 years! We were in Bayswater (near Devonport) make sure you have a walk around lovely Devonport and stop at the cafes for great 'white flat' and the restaurants for lovely fresh NZ style food and great wines! Wishing you all the best for 2011 xxx
2nd January 2011

Happy New Year
Happy New Year, Lynne & safe onward journey. Look forward to hearing your news from NZ. Lots of love, Pauline
3rd January 2011

NZ here we come!
See you soon Mother!! Unless I get a better offer from George Clooney to stay in LA.... xxx
3rd January 2011

Happy New Year, Lynn
Dear Lynn, I have read your blogs with wonder, excitement, and not a little envy! I do however, send you love and very best wishes for the new year, which surely can't be any more exciting that this one has been for you? Hope you escaped the awful floods there - my sister lives in Budaberg in NSW and they are experiencing the worst floods for over a 100 years - although she has not yet been evacuated. It just goes to show that the global climate really is changing, doesn't it? We had a lovely Christmas and New Year with our much-loved daughter and new son-in-law over from USA - they went back yesterday, so the house feels very empty. We have arranged sewing sessions for the second and fourth Monday afternoons each month, and can't wait to have you join us again on your return. Meanwhile, take care and love from us all.. Dee xx

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