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December 29th 2010
Published: December 30th 2010
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Written 28 Dec

First of all I want to say how lovely it has been to have all your messages to me this Xmas time– emails, and texts and phone calls from many of you - thank you all for your kind wishes and thoughts. Christmas Day will forever be that day when Michael died and nothing will ever change that as being the first thing I think of… but as time goes by I find that the day is not all about the sadness and loss…but I can enjoy whatever is going on and this year was also so different being here in Sydney. Xmas Day and Boxing Day I spent happily with Angela and Ed and their family. My own Xmas preparations had consisted of nothing at all …so it was lovely to be in their home with a real Xmas tree , cards and candles , Xmas music, a lovely table laid and lots of yummy food and drinks. What was also special was that their grown up kids Hattie and her boyfriend Kris and Dom are so friendly and full of fun and it was lovely to chat with them and watch them joking – they just sound like my lot when they get going. So Xmas day was an Aussie treat huge prawns with a mango+ avocado salad , bbqed ocean perch and swordfish …followed much later by a fantastic fruit salad. Then a walk down to Double Bay to give us a bit of exercise…Xmas day was lovely and sunny so it was rather funny to be out for a walk in lovely hot sunshine… a bit different from the usual walk on the seafront in Eastbourne – everyone wearing their new hats scarves and gloves!!!!
On Xmas morning it was lovely to chat with Suzanne and Tracie even though we all started blubbing at one time!!! Later I spoke to Richard and his Swedish girlfriend Catherine…who had been celebrating a Swedish Xmas Eve – his first…lovely to hear him and her so happy together.
And after all I didn’t have to miss out on a turkey Xmas dinner with all the trimmings because that’s what Angie produced on Boxing Day… and even a Xmas pud – set alight of course!!! So a very BIG THANK YOU to Angie and Ed and family for making me part of their Xmas.
At various times this past week I have been in and out of the city on the ferry of course- and as you will see from fotos the weather ranges from stormy to hot and sunny. I have been able to meet up with several of my new friends – Melanie and I had a good day exploring this area of Hunters Hill and a pub lunch. Wilma was down in Sydney from Port Macquarie so we had a day in the city and went to the movies – very good French film Sarah’s Key. I have made so many new friends here – it is amazing.
I have wandered around the downtown area and Darling Harbour which is still developing. There is a lovely Chinese Garden there – a peaceful calm oasis …Prill you will like it there when you come here to Sydney. A walk across the Pyrmont Bridge surprised me when sirens started to go and gates came across and the bridge swung open…I didn’t know they had a swing bridge. So Darling Harbour is quite a place to explore and plenty going on there.
Some of these fotos are taken on the ferry at night – so just some effects of the lights.
Today – thank goodness sunny again- I had another city wander and through the Botanic Gardens – so follow me again to get a flavour of my walk back to Circular Quay and the Ferry.
Other news -Many areas of Queensland and NSW are experiencing massive floods still- today a whole town evacuated and it is tragic to see farmland and homes devastated. Western Oz and Perth having a heat wave and Fire Warnings and shark alerts on the coast … it’s a country of extremes alright. And it looks like England has won the Ashes – of course the news media here is focussed on the fact that the Aussies lost so there ain’t much celebrating .
I am planning my New Years Eve fireworks viewing – most of the streets around here are declared NO PARKING _ TOW CAR AWAY ZONES. And signs up to say no cars except local residents allowed off the highway… so I plan to walk to one of the viewpoints( only about 2km)– and squeeze my way through the crowds. There should be a a very good view from the end of the point as it faces the bridge. I am sure it will be fantastic. A restaurant near the point
Has a special NY Eve do – only $300 – I think I will be taking a packet of crisps.
I leave this lovely grand apartment on NewYear day and stay with Ang and Ed till Monday when I leave Australia and fly to Auckland …. For my next 3 months New Zealand adventure.
So wishing you all good fortune, good health and happy times in 2011…. I’ll be back – watch this space.
Lynne xxx
29th -Thankful for good news this morning - as my nephew's baby Elin, has been very ill in hospital over the Xmas hols- it turned out the poor little mite has swine flu - she came home yesterday and is responding well and is a happier baby. A worrying time for all. Extra love and hugs to you all.
Prill - I will email you about what to pack for Oz - not much !!

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Kris, Hattie and EdKris, Hattie and Ed
Kris, Hattie and Ed

the BBQ team.

Of course we had to light it several times.

30th December 2010

Happy New Year
It is so lovely to hear you sounding so positive at Xmas. I saw Suz a couple of days ago too and that was nice as the months tick by without us realising it. I bet you cannot wait for her to join you for a couple of weeks. The snow has pretty much gone here but we are left with damp, grey weather. Roll on the spring. We had a lovely family Xmas; our first at home for a while. Nothing planned for the new year, just a quiet one. So best of wishes to you, I hope 2011 brings you much happiness. Hils x
30th December 2010

new years eve
hi dear pal from the snowfree north! yes, it's postitively tropical today...up to 6! wow! hope your fireworks are a delight and that 2011 bring you abundance in all xxxx I shall be on the flight back to dubai .....hoping for champagne but no fireworks! lotsa love, lesley
31st December 2010

I am glad you are having such a great time............all these celebrations can be so difficult if one doesn't pull up oneself.......You missed the snow though: so much this year!!! Rémi and Marie are fine; Marie is in london for New Year's Eve but not with her boyfriend John who is in Nancy: funny ways...She is going to study in Bologne -Italy - for 5 months; so I'll have a holiday there! Rémi is going abroad in Spring too but he has to find a place in a university for 3 months doing research. I wish you the very best for 2011 and a happy time in New Zealand! Love from Michele
1st January 2011

Happy New Year
Hi Lynne Happy New Year. The girls & I spent New Year with friends in Cambridge. Had a few fireworks of our own - not quite upto Sydney or London fireworks! Enjoy your New Zealand adventure & look forward to hearing all about it. Love Geraldine
1st January 2011

Happy New year
Hi Lynne, So glad to hear that Xmas went well for you, I was wondering how you would manage it. Just wanted to wish you a happy 2011 and to reassure you that you're definitely in the right place even if the weather is mixed. The Uk is milder now but rather grey and dreary. I spent Xmas in Sussex with my inlaws and had a wonderful time being spoilt and also going for lots of country walks and just being with people all the time. Bliss. Came back to loneliness, cat crap and a leaking pipe that had dripped through from the attic onto the stair carpet. Then had two days with the water turned off. Not a great return. But, hell, we've dealt with worse. Hit the old wall of misery and then managed to get past it and now Ok again. Anyway, I'm so enjoying your blog and photos. Hope you have a fab time in New Zealand, Sue xx

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