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January 23rd 2006
Published: January 23rd 2006
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Well its a big office old Sydney. I set out for the bridge and spent some time at the top of the span. Lovely view,need I say. All well till the guard came up and said I had to furl the flag. Not happy. More of the big government body infringing free speech. the guard agreed with me but had to "follow orders". I strolled off the bridge, flag flying. Later called my guy at SMH to see if they thought free speech was worth anything. We'll see. Also called channel 7 to see what they thought.
Today I sought the sweet spot, the spruikers dream -everybody wants a sticker- with no success.
Finally headed for a pub - and why not. Came upon a restaurant which had the story of Don Quijote in panels above the windows. Having a read when a hobby photographer came up and chatted. he said he'd take a pic and I said to get the Don Quijote logo in it. Then the waiter, a stout fellow came out. He got a sticker, too. I after reading my future in the story of the knight, I got to the bar. An English guy and a couple from Minnesota got stickers. Miscellaneous stories follow. The stand-out among them was a call from a Brisbane radio station wanting to interview me tomorrow between 8 and 9 so I've just got to charge my phone and have it on in the morning.


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