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May 8th 2008
Published: May 8th 2008
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Last holidayLast holidayLast holiday

That's me at my last Asia trip
Well, here we go again. It has been two years since I packed my backpack, kissed my wonderful fiancé good by, patted the dog and the cat, called my wonderful little daughters and hit the road again.

OK, not really true since I decided to visit the good old US of A last year, but can you call it an adventure holiday going to the USA? Not really. It is a holiday, but of a different kind; still the western world, they speak English there (sort off) and you have one of these bloody McDonalds or Starbucks on every bloody corner reminding you why the people are getting fatter and lazier by the minute. It was different I have to say, especially in San Francisco where liberalism is being taken to the extreme and you wonder if the people are on drugs all day.

Since this trip I did what all law-abiding citizens in the western world do - work my butt off to pay the bills. Makes you wonder sometimes what the difference is between the civilization today and during the Roman times when slaves where around. OK, they say we are free and can do what we want and when we want it, as long as it is in the guidelines of the law (and that is a completely different story and I could right a book about these damn man-made laws). But then there are these nasty bills everybody has, even if you don’t want to. Mortgage payments, rates, water and electricity, etc, ect. So one works like a mad man to stay on top of it and slowly, or rather fast, becomes part of the rat race. And if you have a spare minute and think about the absolute stupidity about the situation and what you are doing you realize that you are not a free man at all, just a slave to bills and modern society.

Life passes most people by, they get born, go to school, then into a job, marry, buy a house (or rent what costs about the same as paying of a mortgage), a car and all the other ‘necessities’ and then work like mad to finance the lot. Here and there they have a small holiday where they sit protected behind high walls in a resort, think that they are the luckiest person on earth because they sip a cocktail in a swimming pool in a foreign land without ever connecting to the people of the land. Well, they might buy a little souvenir from a street vendor to show to their friends or eat in a local restaurant and feel adventures in doing so.

And then before they know it they reach retirement but they can’t really retire because the bills are still there.

And then they die!

And that was it……

Ahh, were was I? Ranting again and getting off track as usual. This is suppose to be the opening part of my travel bog and not one of my deeply ideological writings that I think are so important to the world, but in reality most people don’t read and couldn’t care less because…..


Ok, back on track now. So I am off again and this time the winds are drifting me to ……… Thailand. That’s the starting point for this year’s trip. Five weeks of carefree living, no commitment (not including the better half - I am really and truly taken), do whatever I want, go wherever I want to go (as long as some bloody foreign soldiers doesn’t see me). Cheap food, cheap lodging, cheap transport, cheap beer and - no no, not what you think.

So, I hope I am going to have a great time, not too much trouble and see some wonderful sights. And most important of all, I am looking forward to see the different cultures, experience how they live and even learn something from them. Who knows how much longer we will be able to see all the different cultures in their own glory before they get submerged in the Tsunami of globalization and equalization.

Right now I better get packing. My better half will be at home very soon and if I don’t spend enough time with her I will start the tour already roughening it - sharing the dog blanket with my four legged friend.

So check in from time to time and if you have some thoughts, why not send me an e-mail.

Take care….


8th May 2008

The dog house
Princess has a very nice blanket - long as you don't mind the paw prints all pver it.
8th May 2008

still waiting at airport
well.... with german precision we got to the airport 4.25 hr before the flight....WTF... waiting, waiting and more waiting and that was just the check in.... well it's 8.45 now time to start the walk to the other side of the border.
9th May 2008

I'll be keeping up with this. I hope your travel buddies write from their own perspectives as well. Perhaps give them a nudge in the right direction. Have fun!
11th May 2008

killing fields
bring me back a present Welf..I want 4 skulls for a new 4 post bed I am making..Also stab a few kiddy fuckers for me in Thailand.Make your trip memorable..take care see ya soon in Melbourne/adelaide

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