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November 11th 2006
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in the kitchenin the kitchenin the kitchen

cooking up a storm
Gday once more blog fans. plenty to tell so this may take two entries, my advice is get yourself a brew settle back and enjoy as its been an entertaining couple of weeks
I left you having just arrived in Sydney and with the prospect of a new job on the horizon. the training began that first monday , just three days after arriving so there was little time to get ready it was just turn up and find out what the hell i was to be doing. so gary and i arrived to find that we would be working for the Financial Advice Centre on behalf of Westpac bank and we would be selling death insurance. fair enough. to be more specific we would be speaking to existing westpac customers and asking them if they wanted our new accidental death coverage. so after two days of "training" which consisted of various role play scenarios and the cracking advice "leave your heart at the door" and "if there old keep talking to them until they give you their credit card details" we went on to the phones. now it may just be me but when you phone some random and start
working manworking manworking man

me in work attire looking like a berk
talking about the possibility of them dying it tends to result in some fairly entertaining responses. the top5 of which have been
5. i dont need insurance im not going to die
4. he wouldnt be interested as he died three weeks ago
3. i cant talk know im having sex (still not sure why he answered the phone tho?)
2. accidental death insurance? whats that some type of insurance?
1. go f**k yourself you son of a b***h, your gonna need the bl***y death insurance if you dont stop calling you english p***k
as you can imagine its a laugh a minute job.
still despite all the above responses to my surprise both gary and i are actually pretty good at it. were both still working there 3 weeks on and have since been moved into teams and promoted to different products, gary now sells income protection and im peddling full life cover. happy days indeed. in all truth the money is good and the more you sell the bigger the bonuses you gat and the people we work with are a good laugh with the majority being fellow travellers also just working for a couple of months to
the gear stickthe gear stickthe gear stick

big tall thing that has great views from the top
save money before travelling off again. although the working hours are 11:30 - 8:00 it does mean you can go for a few bevvies after work and not have to worry about getting up too early.
so im now nicely set up in work and can look to moving out of the hostel and into something a bit more appropriate, so gary and i began to scour far and wide for various places. most were absolute shockers with landlords who look like they belong in the League of Gentleman. but i am happy to say that we have now found somewhere that we can now call home. but thats for another time.
Stay safe and enjoy

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nice viewnice view
nice view

i told you it had a great view
jammo montgomeriejammo montgomerie
jammo montgomerie

me playing the worlds worst mini golf course in a shed
nice motornice motor
nice motor

went to the motor show, dont think this punter was happy with his purchase

11th November 2006

I want to....
bum that bird in the mouth! hot diggity! oh and i hate you all! I wanna be over there, not here in the freezing cold. take it easy, [as im sure you are]
13th November 2006

Dont worry pal, you always look like a berk. As you can probably guess, i'm only looking at the pictures by now

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