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January 21st 2009
Published: January 21st 2009
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Glebe, Australia - January 21st - 8:09pm
The countdown has began…10 more days till Lee sails into Sydney!

My day started out nice and relaxing, just like the past days I guess! I got up and realized that I had no more undies so I put on a small load of laundry. I checked my emails did the usual morning routine. Then I figured I should iron my skirt for my interview today. I got everything organized, got showered and ready to go. I jumped back on the internet before I left and Pam was online so I told her I’d call her and chat on the way to the train station. But before I left I got an email from a lady that owns a clinic in town and I have another interview tomorrow.

It was nice to talk to her but it wasn’t good news that I got. Aunt Fran had to go in for emergency surgery and she recovered fine but she’s going to need a few more surgeries to remove all the abscess (collection of pus) from her intestines. She was moved to Ottawa so I’m sending all my thoughts to her.

It didn’t have a good start to the day but it was a much needed conversation. It was so hot walking to the station that I was dripping from sweat. I didn’t think it was a good thing since I was trying to be professional for the interview. I missed the first train that I planned to take into town but that’s why I left a lot of time to get into the city. After an hour I got into the city, I started my stroll down to Glebe. It was a little bit of a hike but I figured it’d be good for me to do a little walking. It’s much nicer in the city then in Penrith so I didn’t sweat my way there. I found the street after a wrong turn. It’s always fun to find your way around a new city, you get to people watch all the way to your destination. It’s lovely.

I knew the clinic was just down the street and I figured I should stop for a bit to eat since I had a few minutes to spare. I grabbed a stir-fry which came as green curry, slight mistake there. It was one of the best green curry’s that I’ve had though, which was lovely.

I got to my interview with a few minutes to spare but just sat and waited. My interviewee was running a bit behind, but I eventually got in there. Things worked out very well. It is a little different than I thought but I think it’s going to work out just fine. I have to do a trade exam (give a massage to the owner) so they can see my technique and things on Friday. So I’m excited, I know things will go just fine so I’m not too worried. Things ended up going well, so I’ll keep you posted on Friday’s outcome.

I walked back to the station and got the first hand sight of Sydney’s public transit rush hour traffic. The trains run a little funny so I allowed for 3 trains to pass before I got on the train I needed/wanted. I had to stand for the first ¾ of the trip but it was an express train so I didn’t have to waste time stopping at all the stops.

Just before I got to my stop, my lovely boyfriend called, so I had a nice little chat on the way home with him. Jean was on the phone when I got home so I went to my room and read the last chapter in my book. With all the books that I brought, I have no more! I might cry soon. But Jean picked me up a few Agatha Christie books from a garage sale she attended so that might keep me busy for a little while.

Jean and I are sat down in front of the tele to watch House and ER.

Hope tomorrow goes well also.


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