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April 22nd 2011
Published: April 22nd 2011
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G'day one and all

Well what a start to the holiday. Seat 2K lived up to it's expectation! Lovely long seat which folded into a full on bed (!) champers, good food, a sleep suit - what more could I want?!
Well there were the usual characters up there...the doctor type, the dolly bird and the german lady who sat next to me but clearly did not want to talk to me. The conversation lasted 3 words from me and a grunt from her... Took that as my cue to pipe down. 3 seats down was a Chinese lady who clearly has some gas issues she needs to resolve!! She came and stood at the bottom of my bed after the meal and, I'm not kidding must have produced continuous belches for 3 mins before going in to the toilet next to me and trying to cough up a lung!! Later at breakfast she felt it was appropriate to slurp her tea for 10 mins! Needless to say when she got off at Hong Kong I wasn't sad!

I thought I'd slept rather well on the plane but upon arriving in Hong Kong there was no where to go other than the transit lane i had a bottle of water i was given on the plane taken from me..... I stood there and cried! What a baby. Anyway, neither mum or dad wanted to talk to me at the airport so thank goodness for Granny!! 😊

Flight to Sydney was ok.... food average - pasta with pumpkin and some cream cheese on crackers. Had another doze off and watched the film Unstoppable. Enjoyed it.

Arrived in Sydney at 6.32am (friday) so 9.32pm (thursday) my body didn't know what it was craving. Anyway had a mission finding the Sunbus man - think he was late but tried to style it out! Had me wandering the terminal for 20 mins. Got to the hotel, lovely overlooking Darling Harbour and sods law, my room wasn't ready. Sat outside for a bit and had a drink and decided that I should get on the open top tour bus....walked for miles and realised I'd probably walked past the bus stop!!! IDIOT. Sat in the park for a bit and then walked back and found it. Waited for 35 mins for a bus but then sat on it all the way round. Took a few photo's but have a 2 day pass so tomorrow will be more pics, hopefully an Opera House tour, Botanical Gardens and the Bondi Beach tour. Good times.

On route back from Bus tour, got off at IMAX Darling Harbour. There's a festival going on, all circus types really - just hope I don't see a clown. Had some lovely and fresh Calamari and salad for lunch.

It's now 2pm and I'm shattered. I think a quick power nap is in order before heading to the IMAX to see something...anything tonight and dinner at Movenpick.

Lots of love to you all.
Happy Easter xxxx


23rd April 2011

Sounds wonderful, enjoy yourself and take care. Seeing your Mum and Dad tomorrow, so no doubt your ears will be burning. Lost of love S, R and C xxx

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