Holding pen update....

Published: April 20th 2011
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Captains log... Currently in the holding pen waiting to board.

Finally got my act together and went with flight bag option no 3!! Checked in all ok and said my goodbyes to ma and pa-bit tearful going up the escalator!!
Through security and faffed around trying to get the laptop out of my overpacked bag! Beeped going through security so had to be briskly frisked by the lady in waiting and had to wait for a backlog of bags to clear. Panicked as saw on that con artist programme on sky people steal laptops from security belts but all good! Hawk eye was watching!!
Ate the hottest chorizo sandwich that I only have myself to blame for and started reading twilight on my kindle!
Still waiting to board but going on shortly. Fantastic upgrade courtesy of Jill. Lots of love to her.

Next stop some sleep maybe a cheeky champers and Hong Kong!

Lots of love one and all xxxx


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