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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Heathrow Airport September 27th 2022

Europe. United Kingdom. England. Greater London. Heathrow Terminal 4. Holiday Inn Express. Undoubtedly comfortable and surprisingly well equipped room here but it has that ubiquitous familiarity that hotel room near airports have. It’s sort of cheap and will provide all services we require but it’s soulless and really the antithesis of so many of the pubs and BnB’s I’ve seen and stayed in recently. Drove from Newton Abbot to Heathrow today and with Lee as navigator the process was seamless and easy. Not having strict time constraints makes everything easier and the little stops we had were fine (except for the food which reminded us of the ’bad old days’ of English cuisine. The pub made zero concessions environmentally, serving several components of our meal in sealed plastic containers despite us eating at the table and ... read more
Thanks, here’s your car.
Thanks Hertz, all good.

This blog entry is going to be completely indulgent, so please don't hold it against me as it was all a complete novelty for us! Anyway, we did the online check-in, as required, 24 hours before our flight and we discovered that we had been upgraded to Business Class, or "Club Class" as they call it on British Airways. Yippee - time to start gloating to our poor offspring, who are not coming with us on this holiday. We had tried to go for the Pod-Parking again (another novelty that we quite enjoyed - see ), but to park there for two weeks was way more expensive than just getting a taxi, so we went for that option instead. The flight was at 2.15pm, so that meant that we were able to leave home at a ... read more
Race to The Runway
Whiskey Cocktail

I'm not entirely sure that the day is worth a blog entry as most of it was a normal day (I was working as normal until mid-afternoon, albeit from home) and then the rest of the day was nothing more than travelling as we were on a very late flight . It did mean that we could allow ourselves loads of time, given that there had been a lot on the news about all the chaos and queues at Heathrow, and there was also the potential of the environmental protesters who hate airports and have been blocking the access roads. We had booked the "Pod Parking", which was a new experience as it meant taking a small train called, obviously, a pod. They were queued-up waiting so we just needed to press a button and get ... read more
Airport Sunset
Bar 54

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Heathrow Airport September 14th 2019

Here we are at Heathrow waiting to board the Dreamliner! Thand goodness we have passed through security etc.... read more
Heathrow image 2.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Heathrow Airport September 1st 2019

Hello again to all! Hello as well to anyone who is a first timer of our blog. We have done a blog when we went around the world in 2017 and we called it Thelma and Louise's World Tour! In keeping with that tradition, Chris and I are off again on an extended trip to Europe. We have purchased EurRail passes, got backpacks and have decided we are going to travel Europe somewhat like we did in the 1970's! Maybe not quite but we are going to take this opportunity to ride the rails and experience all those places we just didn't get the chance to do! If you receive this email it is because we feel that you are a friend and that you may be interested in what we see, what we do and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Heathrow Airport October 7th 2018

This Morning, after our brekky, we packed up and headed out on our 2 hour journey to Heathrow, only stopping to fill up with diesel just before handing back our lovely vehicle. The sat nav had a glitch, telling us to go the wrong way up a country lane. We didn’t go up that lane, so then she gets that exasperated tone, saying “recalculating”, like we did it on purpose! So the next direction took us through a golf course, a sight for the Sunday morning golfers!! Talk about off the beat track! So we arrived at the Thrifty office acrosss the road from Heathrow, expecting to use the free “hotel hoppa” service, but Thrifty had their own shuttle service, which took us to Termminal 4. From Terminal 4 we entered an elevated tubular walkway leading ... read more

Panic at the airport! It was a stressful start to my 4 months. At Heathrow airport, I was unfortunately denied at Check In because I had no proof of onward travel from Colombia! Damn. I thrusted a print out of my very rough 4 month "itinerary" at him in an optimistic attempt... but this, along with my word, was not enough. The next 30 minutes were spent in a stressful panic trying to sort a bus ticket or flight out of Colombia ASAP. Annoyingly, my second attempt at Check In was just as frustrating as the lady wasn't even interested in my panic bought flight ticket from Colombia to Ecuador, ohh no, she wanted evidence of me leaving Colombia's capital..Ugh! Luckily, I was prepared for this.. and gladly showed her my pre-booked flight from Bogota to ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Heathrow Airport November 27th 2017

We went to Osterley Park on 21 November. Approaching from Osterley Station on the Piccadilly Line, we walked through South Avenue flanked by fields of wheat and pasture, rural touch of west outskirts of Greater London. Limes and horse chestnuts trees were standing and they showed colourful autumn leaves. Having arrived at lunch time, we popped in the National Trust Restaurant in the Stable Block. We both had squash soup and a cup of tea. As planned, we decided to stroll through the garden. The historic trees, Cedars of Lebanon, planted in 1760s, were thriving, and showed colourful leaves and nuts. We ambled through the winter garden by the garden house. Many colourful stems and leaves decorated in the former pleasure grounds surrounded by arboretum and conifers. We continued walking on the woodland. There were a ... read more
Grazing calves
Fungi growing on the oak trunk

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Heathrow Airport October 17th 2017

Our last day of the trip! Today we are going to end our day, handing back the car to Avis and staying at the Renaissance hotel at Heathrow. We decided that on our way back to London we would visit Blenheim Palace, and spend all the available time of the day exploring the palace where Winston Churchill was born. After breakfast we chatted with Clare and Katrina and then got on our way. It wasn’t far from Oxford to Blenheim, but the traffic was terrible around Oxford. Once we had got into the open country, the traffic calmed down quite a bit and the trip to Blenheim was good. As we drove up the drive to the carpark, we could see how big the Palace wa. We hadn’t quite expected it to be that big. Walking ... read more
Looking down to the  lake
One of the state rooms with tapestry around the walls.
The water garden

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Heathrow Airport October 5th 2016

Getting ready for my flight by having traditional Japanese food at Yo Sushi. I don't know how much Japanese food I'll be eating in South Africa! Just eaten a type of street food which tasted excellent.It consists of octopus with other things. Gate opens in less than hour so not long to go!... read more

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