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April 4th 2017
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AUSTRALIA here we come.

Prior to leaving the NZ airport we are informed that it is necessary to purchase an Australian visa at the wicket. Flying over Sydney, you see hundreds of bays and white buildings with red rooftops. Wait for it.... yes, finally we focus on the beautiful famous Sydney Opera House and it is worth seeing. Checking into the hotel reveals that it is in the heart of Chinatown. What are some of those things in the store windows? In Peru they splay cooked guinea pig, and here it is splayed duck.

A great way to see the city from a birds eye view is to take the double decker hop on and off bus. The city smells range from fresh water to yummy restaurant odors. An area called The Rocks houses many historical buildings and funky boutique shops. Getting up close to the Opera House shows the one million ceramic tiles individually made. The architect Utzon used the feather shape of a birds wing to create the organic patterning.

Next day, hopping back on the bus, takes us to the popular Bondi Beach known for its crescent shape and glorious golden sand. A surfer's delight. Afterwards a visit to the Sea Life Aquarium. The colorful corals, sting rays and sharks were impressive. The king penguin's feathers actually repel water as they are swimming. Last stop is Paddy's Market where almost every item is a copy of the original. Reminded me of a giant flea market, and seemed a bit overwhelming.

Friday morning and needing breakfast, we enter Polik Bakery and I have an Egyptian dish filled with spices, and a cheese, plus bread that I cannot pronounce. Delicious.

The zoo houses all the critters we have yet to see (thank goodness) which includes the world's most venomous snake called the taipan (the venom kills after 45 minutes), kangaroos, and a cobalt blue cassowary, plus much more. Outside, a quick photo with the waxed figure of Leo de Caprio and then onto the ferry to Manly. It is a perfect spot to wander, eat ice cream, and chat with people. We love it.

Back to the quay so we can examine the Opera House, touch the tiles and actually enter the structure. You can only see the rooms through a tour, so back outside to walk the long way return towards Chinatown.

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9th April 2017

Love love love Australia!
Thank you for glimpses of my favorite place! The Opera house is truly a beautiful structure. I enjoyed Bondi Beach and Manley Beach. We took the water taxis. I will have to check out the marina and the 'rays next time we are there. Great pictures of you both! Enjoy!
9th April 2017

Enjoy Sydney
Just got caught up on the last few entries - glad you guys are having a great time and appreciate the entries and images!! If you're feeling a bit adventurous, visit Kings Cross.
9th April 2017

Linda Foto
Hola Amigos, cuando vi la foto de Cathy, pense que era mi amigo Chris tocando la corneta. Pero el músico era un poco mas flaco. Espero que esten disfrutando y pasando un muy buen tiempo juntos. Un abrazo para ambos.
9th April 2017

Overall Trip
Chris & Cathy - great writings , great details, great trip , great pictures , great places to visit, and great people . Thanks for allowing us to travel the world through both of your continual updates ! be safe and look forward to the next chapter of traveling Aussie land
9th April 2017

G'Day Auzziland!!!
So enjoyed your blog through NZ, and can't wait to go back to Australia through your eyes. It has been a real reminder of the wonderful times I spent there, many moons ago. Thanks you both for letting me tag along via my computer. Cheers, Lauri
10th April 2017

We share your love of Sydney. I have the exact same shot of the Bridge from the street in the Rock's. If you are still there don't miss their National Art Gallery and the Park with the Fruit Bats. What's not to love about Sydney
Do you go north to Brisbane or south to Melbourne from here? Your travelogue entertains us daily - carry on

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