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March 3rd 2012
Published: March 6th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

It was a tough day. A really tough day.

You forget when you are booking everything that you have to check out of a hotel, with all your luggage, and get on the road to somewhere else..

Well the first rule of travelling anywhere should be that you can carry all that you possess.

When two very tired children both need to sleep at the same time, and all you have is two pairs of arms and a single buggy (that won't be steered with one hand), it is nigh on impossible to carry two suitcases and three pieces of hand luggage (and I think we packed particularly light).

The second rule of travelling with tired kids is that you should go directly to where you are staying. Do not try and fit in a post-wedding party en route, as nice as it may be (which of course it was and I don't regret doing it because I got to see Sarah one more time before she went on her honeymoon). However it was pushing our luck somewhat.

Samuel started vomiting the morning after the wedding, which I put down to jet-lag, tiredness etc etc. But he went on to puke all over Icebergs RSL club and was not a happy chappy all day. Amelia was very unimpressed that we had finally got to an amazing beach for building sandcastles, and it was tipping it down with rain. 23.5 degrees out the water and 23 in it. I know where I would have rather been.

Mardi Gras didn't help. We struggled to get a taxi to Julie's house in Darlinghurst, but eventually we did and after a minor melf-down on the way there, I dug deep, and tried to toughen up.

We arrived at Julie and Fish's house at around 5pm. I have never been so pleased to get somewhere in my whole life. Samuel proceeded to puke everywhere, and by 5.10 I was cleaning their bathroom and toilet.

We got the kids settled and sat down to the most delicious and much appreciated meal in the world.

Julie - if you ever read this, THANK YOU! I really don't know what we would have done without you x


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