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September 4th 2015
Published: September 10th 2015
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Coffee at Ona on the LawnsCoffee at Ona on the LawnsCoffee at Ona on the Lawns

Award winning Coffee from Manuka
Last night when I left off we spoke about role reversal and I promised to go into that a little bit more today.

I didn't get to sleep straight away last night, my cold was starting to take hold of me and I had really hoped to walk up Mount Taylor with Susan this morning, this is one of my favourite treats of coming back to Canberra. An invigorating way to start the day and any long weekend here (unless Mount Ainslie is closer). Unfortunately that was not going to happen today my cold was getting its hooks in to me and I thought about sweating it out and then thought better of it, I didn't want to risk the weekend festivities.

Susan was dressed in her gym kit and folding washing, she was keen to do the walk, but I opted out and then I found out she had already been to the gym this morning, my energy drained even further.

More importantly we had plans to head out for breakfast, after a cup of tea and a chat over the breakfast bar, but I must mention the mountains that we
Who Looks Content?Who Looks Content?Who Looks Content?

Sandwich made herself fairly comfortable on Andy's lap, which gave him a good excuse to chillout for a while!
can see in the distance. The Brindabella Ranges, how I miss those Mountains and more importantly how close we used to live to them and see them everyday on our morning commute. I still don't miss the winters though!

I need to get back to role reversal, Les and Sue's daughter wanders into the kitchen for breakfast, we have a chat and then it gets onto the subject of the drum kit, Breanna rolls her eyes as Sue tells us the story and how they appeared in the lounge.

I won't bore you with the details but Andy and I chuckle at the news that both Les and Sue are having drumming lessons and a disgruntled Breanna talks of being woken up some mornings to the sound of the thud thud as the drumsticks hit the instruments. I should mention that they are electronic and they usually wear headphones as to hear the actual sound and not wake the whole neighbourhood.

Les and Sue went to a music festival recently the Gympie Muster (I think), Breanna does more eye rolling as she explains phoning her Mum to see how they were doing and if they were having a good time, but Susan couldn't hear very well, bopping around in the different marquees to the music. The call was short.

Maybe I should also mention that Susan borrowed her daughters car to come and pick us up for the airport last night. Now we really are into role reversal, I am sure when we were teenagers it was the other way round!

Anyway, I mentioned the conversation we had with cabin crew last night, they were talking about Pattisez, a new place had opened up in Canberra which turns out that it is very popular. For our Aussie readers who watch My Kitchen Rules, this place was opened by some contestants from this years competition. A mother and daughter from Canberra, who were knocked out fairly early, but to be on the show I am pretty sure you have to be able to cook in the first place. So we said we would try it, if we could get in.

Arriving in Manuka, we parked up and headed toward the restaurant, it was already busy we tried anyway only to find that it was a one hour wait, so we thought better of it and the waitress recommended the restaurant next door, Ona on the lawns apparently has an award winning barista there!

We found a seat in the sunshine and partially sheltered, breakfast was ordered and we chatted, a superb breakfast arrived, we chatted some more, drank more coffee and then Helen rang saying that she was in Canberra to pick us up, so we arranged a meeting place, and once again we were on our way.

Susan very kindly dropped us off, all our "weekend" luggage was easily stowed into the back of Helens car, I am still convinced it looked like we were staying for a month. What happened to travelling light?

We reminisced as we drive out of Canberra looking at the familiar sights and regaling stories, it was great to catch up with Helen and news down on the farm, Canberra disappeared behind us, the start of Spring was evident with white and pink blossom and the colours of the Golden Wattle lining the roads. The fields were lush green, I am sure they were 6 months ago when we were

It's Huge!
last here, but there seemed to be an extra shade of green, the winter has been good to the environment, but I am sure the dry summer months will see to that.

We stopped at Jugiong for lunch, a place we have frequently driven past on the Hume Highway and never stopped. What a great little place, a little cafe come gift shop sits Next to an old pub which sadly looks closed down. The cafe looked thriving.

We headed in and ordered some lunch, I ordered the pumpkin, coconut and coriander soup, I hate pumpkin but felt that soup might hit the mark with my cold, a bit of spice would would tease the cold out. It sure did hit the mark, despite hating pumpkin the soup went down well.

Back on the road again passing the Dog on the Tucker Box turning off at Gundagai and through the countryside passed the healthy flow of the Murrumbidgee, I remember when the Murrumbidgee had flooded this area, thinking back and looking at the landscape it is hard to comprehend so much water. A note to remind people, never ever drive into flood water as you never know what is underneath and looking at this landscape there would be nothing underneath for a good few metres.

Back on the farm we soon unload, look across the paddocks at the lush environment and the sheep who now have plenty of food in front of them, a far cry from the hot summer days when we first arrived on this parched land meant that sheep had to be hand fed.

Kimba greeted us with with new found spring in her step, she was happy to see us and even jumped up. Strange because last time we saw her she looked so doddery that we thought it might have been the last time, perhaps the onset of Spring has perked her up again. She is a doorstep doggy now and stays close to the house, she has no real interest in chasing the sheep that are in the paddock close to the house, her retirement is well earned.

Even Sandwich, the cute Devon Rex cat, has settled in well and is not perturbed by Kimba's presence and neither does Kimba worry about her. Sandwich won't go outside if the other doggies are around though. Sandwich has well and truly made this her home and yes she rules the roost taking over Robert and Helens bed at night.

We make ourselves at home and it does feel like home. I spent my afternoon with one of Helen's neighbours, she is a nail technician and I needed my nails done for the wedding, so by the end of the afternoon my nails were well and truly dressed.

The electric blanket is on early, we are back to those cold nights! Our clothes for the wedding are hanging up to try and get the creases out from being packed in the suitcases and Helen has prepared Andy one of his favourite dinners.

By 9pm we were all ready for bed so one by one we slid off, leaving the warmth of the kitchen for the warmth of a cosy bed.

I am sure I heard a little meowing at the door, but I was too exhausted to let her in, tonight the bed was ours.



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