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Published: May 10th 2006
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hey all, we have been staying in Coffs Harbour for 2 days, leaving today - which we both are very excited about! There is absolutely nothign to see or do, and we are in some kind of local yocal red neck motel - we spoke to a guy in town yesterday whose words were when we told him where we were staying were "be very careful there!" Reassuring. THe place consits of a motel, bar and betting shop all in one, oh and a drive through bottle store! Ahhh. They do do very good cheap food though. Again, we are literally the only ones staying here! We have spent last 2 days cycling around the small town/village and lookign for some jumpers for further south and New Zealand.

I bet you were thinking what the big decision is..... well we are going to cut short our aus trip and spend more time in New Zeland, we are going to hire a campervan and have a bit more freedom, and not have to just follow the bus route like we are doing here - bet we are missing a whole lot, but it woudl cost loads to buy more bus tickets etc. Heading to Sydney tomorrow, and then after that we will work out if we can change the tickets, and then plan from there to adelaide.

So, we havent really got much excitement to report, apart from the fact that we have got saddle sore - really badly! From the bikes that is just in case you were wondering.

Chris has been practicing his didgeredoo and is gettign pretty good - i cant do it at all! We have bought a book on astonomy, and have been star gazing at night, we sat out on our porch last night and amist the sound of boozy local shouting and cheering at the jukebox, we saw some southern star wonders - the southern cross and others we cant remember the name of. Might invest in a telescope when we get to New zeland, but will see.

HAving a beer after another cycle this morning, and then waiting to get the bust to Port Macquarie this afternoon, aparantly you can see dolphins in the harbour. fingers crossed, really lookign forward to that - ooo and there is a koala hospital - want to go there!

No piccies, but hopefully will be in next few days.

Feel free to send some nice messages just to make sure you are all missing us!


10th May 2006

Good decision
New Zealand is cool so you won't regret it, if you need an advice re nice bars etc let me know (when you're in Auckland), in particular theres a good cocktail bar near the Viaduct/Harbour area with 2 for 1 offers on tues or wed nights). Also a bar made completely of ice. Can't remeber its name at the mo, will try and remember!
10th May 2006

dear amanda and chris you really sound as if you are in crocodile dundee country with only the kangeroos to keep you company are you sure it wasnt chris who was the boozy one shouting and cheering at the jukebox dont forget we know what he is like.
11th May 2006

gud daay shelia and bruce
sooooooooo lucky going the New Z. always wanted to go there. Now then Amanda dont you go playing with Chris' digery doo too much, you know he likes playing with it all by his self. Very excited about our plans, extenstion starts on Saturday, so it might be finished by the time you get back. Went shopping with your mum to the Trafford Centre last night, i(probably wont go with her again!!) got home and she couldnt get into her car, the alarm wouldnt turn off,so had to call AA (Very nice man), finally left getting on midnight. Bought some nice shorts and cropped pants for my trip to Canada, cant beleive its only 8 weeks away. Joe has got a couple of concerts before then, in Sheffield, Bristol and the Bridgewater, oh he is such a celebrity, going to have his photo in the paper, but only the local one. Have had a lovely week of weather this week, very hot, about 23 degrees, but going to rain at weekend. Peter is off to watch the cup final with the lads on Saturday afternoon, so I go with the children to see grandma and grandad, then on Sunday afternoon family bowling session, followed by tasty tea. Diet going a bit wobbly at the moment, although have lost 10 pounds. speak to you soon lota luv cathy xx

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