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May 12th 2006
Published: May 12th 2006
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hey all, wowee, the last few days have been a bit full on and have done loads of stuff and reaarranged loads of stuff. Well we stayed one night at port macquarie, in a really cosy little hostel - it was sooo nice. The evening we arrived, we went to an observatory there, and tried out our new hobby of astromony.

We arrived like 1 hour early as usual, and waited outside until the people arrived. We then had a look at the moon through a massive telescope and we coudl see all the craters and everything - it was amaxing. then had an excellent lecture on astronomy and the night sky int he southern hemisphere and it was just like being back at uni!

Then the best bit, they had set up two massive telescopes to view Saturn and Jupiter - it was unbelieveable - you coudl see all the details and the rings and the stripes on teh planets. sooo weird taht you coudl see all that. So, a massive telescope is going on the wedding list along with a harley davidson and a house with a pool and veranda.

so, we then got up the next mornign and checked out and had until 5.30pm to explore before we got the bus. It was raining !!!! ahh the first time since we have been here - sooo annoying, but it was ok. donned the mackintoshes and looked sooo sexy, and even wore trainers as it was a bit chilly. Headed off to go on a boat tour to see dolphins! We were the only ones there, and they said they needed 10 peopel to take the boat out - enough people turned up in the end. The rain carried on, but it was ok, although it did put the dolphins off - we didnt see any!!! Had a nice morning tea of scones and jam and cream and tea! yuummy!

After taht we wanted to get some cheap lunch, so we visited the local mall but didnt eat there, but we did get the most amazing ponchos !!! blankets you can wear! then saw a kebab shop across the way which looked normal and cheap. ordered food and i had chips and gravey - half way through, i discovered that the lumps were not actually gravey - but cockroaches!!!! so need to throw up but no where to do it!!!!

Then headed off in the rain on a massive walk to the koala hospital. again arrived 1.5 hours ealy and waited until 3pm for the feeding time. We had a quick tour which we coud have done ourselevs whilst waiiting and saw loads of cool and cute koalas who had been rescued from dog attacks and foreest fires.

Marched back to the hostel and went to get the bus. 6 hours later arrived in sydney (last night) at about 12.15am. Tried to get the train to kings cross wehre our hostel was, but they had stopped running!!! ahhh, got a taxi and managed to claim monies back from hostel.then we had to go to the room ---- it is soooo gross, cockroach again on the walls, and dirty disgusting stained sheets, which i dont even think have been changed since the last people. And the carpet is soooooo full of hairs - its sick - my worst nightmare!!!!

Had a rather scary nights sleep, and then headed out this morning in the rain again to do laudry!!! oh the fun ! got train to air new zleanad and changed our flights, we will now be leaving on 28th may one week earlier. It only cost $20 each!!! wicked!

So, we are now considering whether to stay in sydney one more night or whetehr the head off on our way to adelaide. going to see opera house and the bridge this afternoon, and then meetign up with friend from unni tonight which will be cool.

Cant download piccies at the moment, btu will try later or tomorrow!

Slaters aligators.


12th May 2006

Forward planning...
Escape Bar - Tuesdays in Auckland, no. 18 on the list. Cx
12th May 2006

maybe now amanda you will be able to clean your own hairbrush

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