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December 28th 2010
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Well, the plan of spending the day at the beach on Christmas Day didn't quite work out as planned, since Mother Nature had other ideas...

Starting Christmas Eve Day, the rain began and really only let up for about 3 or 4 hours on Christmas Day, and continued on for another couple days after that. Some areas of Queensland and New South Wales are seeing really bad flooding, so I guess we were lucky. But still, by Day 3... we had seen enough. And how many movies can you watch? It's about the only time living in 14ft of space gets to us. But then again, we were definitely glad we weren't in a tent. We could deal with our few leaks here and there and we still managed to have a good Christmas. We got some seafood for our Christmas Eve dinner, and with Prawns, Scallops and Moreton Bay Bugs - we really didn't have anything to complain about.

On Christmas Day, we skyped a few friends and family, which is always a bit weird when we are on Christmas Day and everyone back home is on Christmas Eve. The weather did let up around noon, so we went into town for a look around, and to check out the waves on that side of the bay, and it has to be the quietest the streets of Byron Bay have ever been We have never seen it like that. There were only about 5 restaurants/take away shops open, and they were packed. Not even the pubs were open, which for Australia... well, we were a bit shocked... if anything is open it's usually the pubs. Think they would have made a killing.

The beaches and water were busy - everyone was out trying their new gear, or at least glad to see the rain stop for a few hours. We spent a few hours walking around then made our way back to prep our Christmas Dinner, and I even attempted making perogies; first time on my own without my mom, and they turned our pretty good. Good enough that we don't have any left.

Can't say the next 2 days involved doing very much. The rain kept us pretty much inside and by the end of it... we had about had enough of the rain (to say the least) so were very glad when we woke up the next morning to not hear the drips on the roof. It wasn't sunny. But it wasn't raining most importantly. See how long this holds. We did hear that it is supposed to rain until April... but trying to think positive...

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