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February 11th 2010
Published: February 15th 2010
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Woke up relatively early! Feeling fresh as a daisy.. whereas Becky is hungover to the max! It was gorgeous weather so we all swiftly head to the beach, not gonna waste aaaaany time! It was about midday when we arrived and absolutely baking. After 5 mins of sunbathing I had to jump in the sea due to overheating. After our sun session we all realise we're pretty hungry and go find a place to get some scram. Discover quite a nice restaurant with a balcony overlooking the town. So I got a deliiiiicious chicken burger and then finished off Bec's pasta as well. I'm an absolute pig at times. I also tried a prawn for the first time, didn't really taste of much tbh! So as I've been hanging out with the others I kind of get it into my head that I'm not ready to leave tomorrow yet. In fact I kind of felt like I wasn't ready to leave at all. The plan was for me to get the coach back to Sydney tomorrow (already booked the none refundable ticket home) seeing as I'm paying rent there and not actually even using the house.. so I couldn't be away too much! But then I thought.. I only have 2 weeks left and could easily use some of my deposit to pay off those 2 weeks.. and I desperately wanted to continue going up the east coast because if I don't do it now I never will. Plus I get on with the others really well and they seemed really keen for me to stay. So after a lot of talking we decide to head to the internet cafe and check out how much hassle it would be to add me onto the remainder of their trip. Turns out it's not hassle at all, I basically just book it up as I go along, in fact I managed to already reserve 2 hostels there and then. Luckily you pay when you get there or only pay 10% deposit or something, so I wouldn't lose anything if I change my mind. So I ring Marc and Zoe and explain and they basically tell me to go for it. The only issue is I don't really have that many clothes with me but I guess I could buy more. So we're all excited and I'm like yayyyyyy! So after completely building it up my warning alarm kicks in and I then think wtf am I actually doing. I know it's fun to be spontaneous but this was a BIG step. I'd lose the money from my ticket home, and I'd also not get any time to say bye to my housemates or pack up the stuff at my house or anything because as my sisters travelling ends, so does the contract on the house. Also means I won't get to do the east coast with Marc and Zoe which was the original plan. Even if I have to do some of it alone as Zoe doesn't know if she can afford it and Marc is doing the first half with his loverlover. So after all that I decide to actually stick to the original plan and go home. To be honest I'd rather do it all myself and not rush it, instead of tagging along with another trip. I want my own experience, not live through someone elses.

So the others were fine with it and said you do what's best for yourself, even though they would be sad to see me go. My gut feeling said I was doing the right thing.. which meant that this was my last night in Byron and I want to make it a gooden! So we get back sort of early evening and are thinking what the hell can we do now? ... DUH, JACUZZI! We strip off and head straight to it. The jacuzzi was gorgeous, it was surrounded by a little hut type thing, it was so bizarre just being sat in it surrounded by trees but was totally relaxing and we ended up staying in there chatting for ages. Once the fingers started wrinkling we decided it's probably time to get out. So we chill for a bit, I have a bit of a read and then eventually its time for bbq pt 2. So me and Jo have some delicious sausages cooking, but then as we're all sat waiting for the food I start to feel a bit funny. My stomach starts hurting and my head felt strange. The others were like are you okay? Next thing I know is I'm puking.. I literally spewed my guts up down the toilet, absolutely gross. I have NO idea what brought it on, I must have eaten something seriosuly dodge. However once I puked I felt much better and dug straight into the sausages and veggie skewers! Another perfect meal. So then we all go off and finish getting ready for another extremely cheeky night at cheeky monkeys.

We're all in the taxi with an insane but lovely taxi driver who doesn't shut up. Halfway down Claire has a freak out saying she forgot her purse, so we head back.. just as we're nearly home she then finds her purse IN her bag.. LOL! So we go alll the way back to town again. She did offer to pay for the taxi though which was seriously sweet of her. Cheeky monkeys was rammed at this point as we got there much later. As soon as we walked in there was a huge wet tee-shirt competition going on. Apparently wet tee-shirt isn't actually what I thought it was. I thought it was literally just wetting your tee-shirt.. whereas apparently these days it means get fully topless and swing your tits around.. nice! Every male in there was loving it. Soon familiar faces came about.. Ollie, the guys from last night (including pinky the twat who did actually come over and apologise but still, twat). So seeing as vodka lemonades failed me last time, I jumped straight into the wine.. never fails! And it didn't. I was feeling pretty merry rather quickly. We had a couple of guys come over and chat to us at our booth, including a guy who I spotted from the night before who looked like an American jock type person, insaaaanely hot. Another guy who was beautiful and obviously interested in Claire but she wasn't having any of it as soon as she found out he was only 19.. aw ickle baba. I wish I was 19 again! So we're all feeling tipsy and we go off for a dance. Becky spots loverboy and they re-kindle their love.. and I'm just extremely drunk being a complete idiot. So we sit down for a bit and as we do I decide to high-five everyone as they walk past. So one dishy fella high fives me and then keeps hold of my hand and sits down opposite me. We get chatting! He's Welsh and isn't usually my type as he has a shaved head but his face was very very handsome indeed. Turns out we have absolutely shit loads in common, especially music. Discussing all our fave bands for aaaaaaaages! So we have a bit of a kiss and then I spot my sister. She's giving me these looks! So I'm like what? She isn't used to seeing me kiss anyone and is being all sisterly and eww about it.. so I'm like DEAL WITH IT!

Anyway the others are tired and want to go home, except Becky who is going to the beach with loverboy.. oooer! So Jo is like 'are you coming with us or staying with him?'.. so first I was like hmm I'll stay and come back with Becky, but then I realise that actually I didn't want to stay with him because 1) my sister and 2) Dave popped into my head which I did NOT expect to happen. So I said my goodbyes and the rest of us get a taxi back. Then Jo starts saying why didn't you get his number bla bla bla,. like I'm ever gonna see him again! Apparently I start saying ridiculous things to the taxi driver basically spilling my life out to him, embarrassing. I was so drunk that I ate the entire leftover whole chicken and stuffing and then completely passed out in bed forgetting to cocoon myself from the spiders first. I woke up in the night sprawled out with my mouth wide open.. I dread to think how many I swallowed! 😞

Been another good night, gonna be a shame to leave tomorrow.. Bye Bye Byron you've been as awesome as I hoped you would be! XXX


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