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September 4th 2009
Published: September 9th 2009
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Byron Bay Byron Bay Byron Bay

The beach on a cold, windy, drizzly morning. reminded me of the NE coast of the US

Day 14- Fri Sep 4

Byron Bay
So I had gone to bed before any of the other people in the room got in for the evening. On Friday morning, I awoke to find myself in a room with 5 guys and the room smelled like a garlic eating contest had been held in a gym locker. I just about gagged. So I wandered up to reception and told them I wanted to change to the teepee, another one of their "funky abodes". (note- Arts Factory boasts about their "funky abodes", but other than the tepee, the only thing funky about them is the smell!) I moved myself into the teepee and then headed out into town for the day. I had high hopes for this "hippie town", but sadly, the weather was crap. It's funny how you make a snap shot in your mind of a place exactly how it was at that moment, even if that moment isn't indicative of how it usually is. My day in Byron Bay was cool, windy and drizzly. It reminded me of the East coast of the US- like I would imagine Gloucester would be. And it would be nearly impossible for me to fall in love with a place like that.

I walked around town a bit but there wasn't much to do unless you're spending money, which I was trying not to. They had some amazing restaurants though- a vegetarian's paradise. I sat down to a coffee. When I asked for whipped cream on it, the girl looked at me funny and then brought me a little butter dish with the whipped cream. I found a shop that sold Aura photos. Boy was I tempted, but I managed to take myself out of there before I gave in to the urge. I found 1 Mexican restaurant and realized it was the only one i've seen in 2 weeks! I spent a few hours at Peter Pans, updating my blog and waiting for afternoon to walk up to the famous lighthouse. I have heard many stories of seeing dolphins and whales from the lookout point and was advised to go around dusk or dawn. I headed up around 4pm, but it was still rainy and windy, so the sunset wasn't that great. And once again, the animals were hiding from me and I did not have a sighting. Aside from the 2 animal sanctuaries I visited and like 2 dogs on the street, I have been completely denied any animal sightings at all. 😞 In fact, when I got to Byron Bay, they had a pamphlet for a snorkel experience in a marine sanctuary for turtles. It was pretty much a guarantee of swimming with them. But since it was raining the day I was there, it was canceled. not meant to be but VERY disappointing.

I headed back to my teepee after wandering the quiet hostel for a bit. There was an Irish guy looking quite mopey. I went to take a shower, and when i got back, an English couple had joined him. We ended up talking and laughing for hours. They were great!! We were talking about the cultural differences, accents, language differences, weather, etc. etc. It was a blast. I got someone from reception to make us a fire in the wood burning stove, and then Brett's girlfriend remembered she had marshmallows, so we sent the boys out for some sticks to roast them.

They came back in 5 minutes later saying there weren't any. I'm afraid I bruised their male egos when i said, "what do you mean you couldn't find any? we are sitting on 5 acres of woods?" Me and my big mouth. So they hung their heads, turned around and went back out. When they came back, they had a handful of twigs and were all smiles. Brett squatted down next to the stove and made us all marshmallows. Great fun! He thought my camping head lamp was the coolest "torch" that he had ever seen so he had his girlfriend take pictures of him wearing it. We all crashed out in the teepee after a few more hours, and I woke up to this delightful rain storm. Rain was pouring down on the teepee. It was such a more pleasant night. The teepee had lots of fresh air, was nice and cozy, nice company and no smell!

When I woke up, it was time to check out. I caught a shuttle to the airport where I caught a plane back to Sydney, arriving at 4 pm. This time, I tried a new hostel farther away from the center. It was such a wonderful place- very friendly and well set up for travelers. It even had a cat!!

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Aura PhotosAura Photos
Aura Photos

I was really tempted, but at $29, i decided I could do without it
Mexican restaurantMexican restaurant
Mexican restaurant

This was the only Mexican restaurant I saw in 2 weeks
Sushi RestaurantSushi Restaurant
Sushi Restaurant

they are on every corner in OZ
Peter PansPeter Pans
Peter Pans

comfy chair where I lazed part of the rainy day away
Arts Factory hostelArts Factory hostel
Arts Factory hostel

I was a bit put off by this hostel. Nothing cool was happening there, it was quite a walk to town, and every time I turned around, they were collecting more "deposits". $10 for "checkout deposit", $10 for a blanket, $10 for another blanket, $10 to use a pot.... good grief!
Tepee AbodeTepee Abode
Tepee Abode

this was so fun
Bryron Bay LighthouseBryron Bay Lighthouse
Bryron Bay Lighthouse

The most Easterly point of Australia

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