An English Man in New York

Published: January 16th 2010
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Suspicious PackageSuspicious PackageSuspicious Package

We found this in Canberra, a terrific sculputure just sat in the middle of the pavement.
DAY 433

Firstly everyone, many apologies for the picture on our last blog, sometimes we have a busy interesting day, and do not take any photographs, which happened on this day, so when time came to upload the blog we had a situation of a photo less entry, and in this case Caroline decided to take a picture of Misha the little dog and Rocky the Kelpie.

Today was an important day for us we both have an interview with Hays Recruitment in Canberra’s town centre and we need to be in town for 09.30. So we were both up early.

For us this is a scary next step, we have been travelling for 14 months enjoying the freedom and excitement of travel, but it can’t go on forever, can it! We are both keen on getting back to work (in a way) for a bit of normality, not to mention topping up the bank account. Although I think our current normality is far removed from what it used to be.

We have a light breakfast, shower, shave and get ready for battle, jump in the truck and head in to town.

There seems to be
England in the SnowEngland in the SnowEngland in the Snow

Thanks Ed, our next door neighbour in England sent us photos of home, we wanted to share them with you.
plenty of parking in Canberra, so we chuck the truck into a space, buy a ticket then head off for Hays, where we both have interviews with different people. We have agreed to meet in the coffee shop down on the corner for who ever gets finished up first

Well I got out about 20 minutes before Caroline and head out to our coffee rendezvous, where I sit and watch my latte slowly disappear, and wait for Caroline to reappear.

Its seems that we both had good interviews and feel positive about the future, but the world economy seems only just restarted and it won’t be an instant fix, I don’t think, still we will get by, but strangely enough Caroline has already got an interview tomorrow and needs to go in to town and get something suitable to wear for the interview.

Caroline explained that in the last few minutes of her interview with Hays a chap called Chris came in and said that he took the liberty of forwarding her CV to someone who quickly said that he was keen on seeing her tomorrow. Chris discussed everything with her, and then passed on his mobile
England in the SnowEngland in the SnowEngland in the Snow

Another picture from Ed, it is great to see the snow, although I think they are all fed up with it now.
number, explaining that he would not normally give out his mobile number but as he is from England himself and he knows how it feels to turn up in a strange city and have to start from scratch, to coin the phrase “An Englishman in New York.”

We go in to town and Caroline puts her shopping radar on while I wait for her I get a call on our mobile phone, It is from Jodie at Hays who has an interview for me, today at 3.30pm an electrical contractor would like to meet with me for an informal interview over in Fyshwick, not far from where Caroline is to have her interview tomorrow.

In no time at all Caroline reappears and has in her possession of a nice black dress, just perfect for an interview.

We get back to Susan’s place in Weetangeera and have a spot of lunch a sit down and a cup of tea before we have to go out again to the South of Canberra, where I am to have my informal chat. It is soon time to leave, so the dogs are put outside and we lock the house and get
England in the SnowEngland in the SnowEngland in the Snow

Thanks for the pictures Ed a nice reminder of home!
a shimmy on, with Caroline navigating me.

The afternoon is beautiful, hot and the sky is crystal clear and blue, we are to meet the branch Manager at a company who is a big player in Australia at a café called plumb, we get there with 15 minutes to spare, which is always the way I like it as you are never under pressure by being on time.

Caroline comes into the café and takes a seat at the back, it is very quiet and did not want to sit in the truck so decided to have a coffee and read her book, tucked out of the way in the cool air conditioning. When my contact turned up equally on time we talked about the electrical industry in Australia and he was perfectly honest saying that he did not have anything for an Electrical Project Manager at this time but they were waiting on being awarded some other possible projects so it may change quite quickly.

He did also say that he would pass it to other branches in Sydney and Brisbane who he thought might be interested.

Well, I think our chat went well, he was certainly impressed with our travels around Australia and he told me that he had done South America and Thailand for a year, so understands what a hard but fulfilling inexperience it can be.

On the way home we pop in to Woolworths and pick up something for tea tonight, I am going to cook a Chicken Curry, our staple food of this trip really, but it’s just so easy and not to mention so tasty!

We drive back and get in at 5.15 it has been an unbelievably busy day, but as soon as I get back its out with the groceries and on with the cooker in preparation of the curry.

Susan and Lauren both appear, Lauren is busy getting ready for her holiday. We have a quiet night, chatting and watching a bit of TV, Andy’s curry goes down exceptionally well.

A busy and exhausting day for us, so we crash into bed exhausted. Thankfully it is cooler tonight and sleep comes easily.

Lets see what happens tomorrow!


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