Lazy Bones or Enjoying What Time is Left?

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June 23rd 2006
Published: June 23rd 2006
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I have been in Hawaii for a little under two weeks now and I have had a big wake up call I guess as to what life may be like back in the real world. I did come here with the intention of volunteering on the YMCA camp and living and eating for free. I guess I expected a little more flexibility with my time as I was “volunteering” but that did not seem to be the case I was told I was working 5 days a week and they were days when the needed me not a bit of negotiation at all, So after only 6 shifts which I would like to point out were all 10:30-19:00 I decided to just pay to stay on the camp it means my time here will be much shorter but more enjoyable hopefully.

It has made me question my attitude as I feel really lazy as I was offered the opportunity and took it but on the other hand I did think I was working 32 hours a week which would be flexible around my time. So has a 10 months of not working in a real environment made me lazy I

Halewia Beach on the North Shore
hope not I think I have just come to realise that a job needs to be something that you ultimately enjoy and want to be there and being in a kitchen whilst in Oahu is not something I wish to do at the moment.

There are some great things which have happened here though and the first is I have teaching status in the US to teach PADI course’s so D2 is going through his Open water at the moment, Yardie wish you were here mate I could have been teaching you at the same time. Just got the confined out the way at the moment and looking forward to doing the open water dives this weekend.

I have not ventured into Waikiki yet but hopefully that will happen soon, but I have been all along the beaches (quickly admittedly) that host the Triple Crown of Surfing each year, We have also been to Waimaia beach which has reputably the biggest ride able waves in the world not in the summer though. No pics yet sorry.

Its been great to see Chris and catch up talk about old times and wht has been happening with each other since we last saw one and another in September 05. Its strange it seems like it was just yesterday that we saw each other, Chris loves life out here and is settled in very well in the camp and life as an odd job man getting paid to do what he has been doing for his mates for years fixing everything that they break. Morgan is a great girl and I admit I have never seen Chris so chilled out and happy. Yardie wish you were here mate would have been excellent.

Hopefully will get to all the big tourist attractions soon and update with lots of pics but for now here are a few as the weather is beautiful and I am getting my crazy tan back

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Chris Chris

Confined Session

23rd June 2006

Don't be silly!
10 Months away haven't made you lazy Bruce! You were lazy before you went! LOL!!
23rd June 2006

Sounds good mate, sure beats being over here. hope things carry on all good. speak soon mate
24th June 2006

your lucky not lazy
hey just checked ur site ohh my god u hav been 2 sum amazing places i am doing a dive in turkey in the nxt few weeks but ıt aint goin 2 b no were near as good as what u see out there. all the best
27th June 2006


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