San Fran to Santa Barbara

North America
October 10th 2011
Published: October 11th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Ok, doing this on iPhone so excuse typos. It was raining in San Fran when we left, so good timing on our part. Cruisy bus ride. Passed Facebook headquarters which might have been Palo Alto? Stopped a few times. Slept a bit. Checked out another pop up Halloween store. Will try and get a video because they are pretty cool. If I had any room in luggage I would stock up. Spent an hour and a half in Santa Barbara. Had a candy floss flavored ice-cream. Late in afternoon but hung out on beach. Got to hotel late. Enough time to satisfy wifi fix and make half hearted effort to get changed. Last night on tour. At some pub for dinner and then back to hotel for games.


12th October 2011

Candy flossed flavored ice cream? That sounds very interesting. Santa Barbara is a great place, you will definitely enjoy your time there. Make sure to spend time at the beach (duh) and strolling along downtown State Street. If you are traveling on a budget, don't get locked into paying $500+ a night at some of the hotels, opt for a more budget-friendly option like The Sandman Inn ( on State. I go to SB quite often and love it, have fun!
3rd January 2012

When is it not raining in SF?
It is always raining in SF so I bet going to Santa Barbara was a refreshing change for you! Love that city-so much fun! Though San Francisco is a great city with an exceptional night life and things to do all day long-Santa Barbara has an at home appeal and is very beautiful.. Much warmer and the beaches are legendary. I'd pick SB over anything any day. Can't wait to go back this summer! Gonna do some hiking and hopefully some surfing. I'll be staying at the South Coast Inn ( Right out of the way making for a very cozy atmosphere.
7th February 2012

The two best cities!
I love SF and Santa Barbara especially. Great cities and both have very different things to offer you when visiting. The urban and large city with an art scene that will blow your mind. As well, the clubs and music scene is good too. Santa Barbara's beach and upbeat demeanor is something very special and hard to find. Natural beauty and worth every penny spent. Personally I go for the small time vibe any day but sometimes places like SF are where it's at! If you ever find yourself back in the Santa Barbara area you should really check out the Sandman Inn ( Inexpensive and one of the best budget friendly hotels in town.
22nd March 2012

Personally, the drive from San Francisco to Santa Barbara can be torment (I've done it several times) but with the right music and people it can be quite enjoyable and very pretty! Both cities are a lot of fun. San Francisco, the culture, the night life, the people, all of it is amazing and beautiful in every way but Santa Barbara is a great escape on the beach with great food, wine, and the spanish culture is great. If you've never been, it's honestly one of the best towns in California. I recently discovered a great hotel to stay at in Santa Barbara actually-the South Coast Inn ( Fine in every way and elegance at the upmost.
9th May 2012

Only an hour in Santa Barbara?! So not enough-that magnificent city deserves at least a few days to really get the job done and see and explore everything it has to offer. I guarantee you will fall in love every single time you try something new there. I have never stopped going there ever since I went to school there 10 years ago. Hiking, downtown, shopping, restaurants and so much more-hard to get bored. The South Coast Inn ( is elegant and well worth the vacation time.

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