San Felipe & Gonzales

North America
March 16th 2011
Published: March 16th 2011
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Spring Break 2011. Big plans. Taking my mother and two of her friends on a trip. We stopped at San Felipe (or San Phillip as the volunteer called it). I must say, not much to see there. There is a 175th Anniversary Passport that you take to various Hysterical attractions and have it stamped. San Felipe was included in the booklet, but not on the booklet map. Some one went to the trouble of inking “San Felipe de Austin SHS” on page 15 with the map.

Drove on to Gonzales to see the “Come And Take It” cannon. Little did I know that I had been driving away from it all day. Seems as if someone from the Houston Museum “Came And Took It” to display in Houston. Now it’s on to San Antonio and the haunted Menger Hotel. Staying two nights. I’ve never done that before.

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17th March 2011

Holiday -- Greetings and salutations! I'm really glad that someone has time to travel and see some of these wonderful places you visit. If no one came they would have to close them down. Thanks for helping these out of the way attractions keep their doors open and a couple of poor souls working!

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