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January 27th 2011
Published: January 29th 2011
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Hola....all is well here although we had a very interesting night last Sunday. We tend to have campfires on the beach every other Sunday and it has all worked out very well so far. However last Sunday, things got very strange. About 10 of us gathered at about 7 pm and were just conversing about whatever we were going on about when this very strange character approached our fire and was playing this flute and blabbering about the coming of Quetzalcoatl-- a white god who appeared to the Aztecs many, MANY years ago. He was so off base about his info, that I piped up and told him to go back and study his history of the area. He got angry, but then I just ignored him and continued my conversation that I was having w/ Chocolate Charlie (he has a shop here selling this terribly wonderful chocolate). Shortly thereafter, he starts in about one of our guys "touching his dog" and started to go after Jack, a great guy of 77 years! In a flurry of activity, I see Jack on the ground with this derelict on top of him, and suddenly one of our residents jumps on top of
Man of Stone....Man of Stone....Man of Stone....

What can I say?
the two of them and here comes my buddy, Betty, and she is railing this guy with kicks!! We finally get the derelict up and off of our guy, and tell him to get the hell out of here. He finally leaves but tells us that "people are watching us" and we better be "aware". Turns out we learn that he is just a nut case and we should not worry about him.

Just before our campfire, one of our new residents had just returned from Cabo San Lucas after buying a Mexican used car. Apparently he had mentioned that he did not really care about the fancy rims on the car. Within an hour of arriving back to the park w/ the new car, someone had been tampering w/ the rims..........Ok, here is what I think happened. Whoever had sold him the car, translated the "I don't care about the fancy rims" as "you can have them"---but the Mexican does not ask permission as he believes he has already been given permission. In any case, he got away and did not get the rims.

So after that fiasco, we took a little sojourn to Cabo San Jose and spent a few days at the Presidente Intercontinental, one of the oldest hotels in the area. My friends who are with us here stayed here some 30 years ago when it was just a diamond in the rough. Now the beach is peppered with hotels but most are empty as there are few tourists here.

We also went on a tour of the "Rock House" in the nearby village of Buena Vista last weekend. The place is owned by a family from Canada and the entire garden and house is decorated in rocks and drift wood. It was really amazing. But the family is weird. My friend and I tried some of our "investigative" techniques to find out MORE about the Rock House people but they are very tightly knit and don't let outsiders know to much about them. It was fun trying though!

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Stuffed potatoesStuffed potatoes
Stuffed potatoes

After the rock house tour,. we all gathered at this outdoor restaurant. This is the cook, Maria.
El Presidente IntercontinentalEl Presidente Intercontinental
El Presidente Intercontinental

Nice place in San Jose

30th January 2011

happy to hear
It is always good to read about your adventures. Nothing quite so unique happens here in Key West. Hope you are both feeling well. Miss your laughter.
1st February 2011

Birthday girl.....
So Birthday Girl .. were you hoping to keep that quiet..!!! Hope you had a good one.. did email you direct as I'm not sure of your Internet speed for opening cards. Sounds like you're all still having fun and we hope Mike's back is still improving. Catch up with you one day, we'll be on the West Coast when we're back, so may manage a trip down to see you "South of the Border "as we didn't make it to Michigan .... take care keep up with the blog it brightens a cold miserable English xxx " cheerio "

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