Stingray Shuffle!

Published: January 17th 2011
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Saludos a mis amigos y miembros de mi familia! We had a little drama in the park today. Mike went down for a little swim and as he was coming out, he thought he had stepped on something and cut his foot. It was bleeding pretty badly and he was in agonizing pain. Fortunately our neighbor is an EMT and knows a lot about beach injuries so he said, soak in HOT, as hot as Mike could stand, HOT water. Then considering all of his health problems, we decided to go to the clinic here and just be on the safe side. We got in to see the doctor immediately and he took the same approach to treat--with hot water. I have learned now that the hot water neutralizes the venom from the barb. The pain is a burning horrible pain. The doc then gave him a shot of lidocaine to help with the pain and after a few more hot soaks and a last examination of the bottom of his foot, he sent us on our way with instructions to keep soaking and be alert for any infection.......So that is what we are now doing! So from now on we
Pretty color!???Pretty color!???Pretty color!???

Part of the bruising is from the shot.
will all enter the water doing the STINGRAY SHUFFLE! Of course, the Mexicans mode of treatment, SERIOUSLY.............TEQUILA!!!!

Cost of the office visit and treatment (including shot of lidocain).......$40 USD. At home it would have cost at least $100 for the visit, another $100 for the shot and and then there would be the "customary" fee for the MD! We are very impressed with the doctor at our little clinic.

Also, remember Steve Irwin?

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18th January 2011

Nice job, MIke!
18th January 2011

Scary! I'm glad you guys sought treatment. Tell Mike that we'll take the Tequila treatment for our sympathy pain. :-)
18th January 2011

Gee Mike, you just can't stay out of trouble, but glad you were able to get medical help right away. But listen, you could have been stung in a much more sensitive area. So, you can consider yourself lucky! Take care of yourself.
18th January 2011

looks painfull.
21st January 2011

Mike, you never seek to amaze me....out
23rd January 2011

Sorry about that, Mike. It seems as if you have the same luck as I do. I am going in the sea with steel-lined boots!!!!!! Sue

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