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June 14th 2010
Published: June 14th 2010
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Well I lost the coin flip and ended up driving through the Rockies! When I got down to about 7,000 feet, I went into a road side restaurant and had a drink! The people there were laughing at me and when they said we had reached a valley, Bill offered to drive.

Yesterday was a rainy, cold day in Colorado - mid 50's. We stopped at a couple of sites in the mountains, one in particular was stunning- Treasure Falls.

Spent last night in Limon, Colorado after driving many hours on route 71 which has to be the longest, most boring drive we have had. Also, I think I was suffering from altitude sickness (its real!) or just pure fright from the driving.

Today we decided to change our route and instead of heading north east, we drove straight east. Of course this had nothing to do with the flash flood warnings, hail storm warnings, the boring drive etc. just being US!

Our site seeing today consisted of Buffalo Bill's birth place, along with his friend Annie Oakley. This was in Hays, Kansas which is just up the road from Oakley! Did you know Kansas has oil? Saw a ton of oil wells.

Kansas is not as flat as I thought, in fact, they even have rolling flint hills. And, what, may you wonder, are rolling flint hills. Well....

" The fascinating fact about the flint hills is they are some of the last virgin prairies left in the state of Kansas. The grass that you see waving in the wind today is the same grass that was touched by the settler’s fingertips a hundred years ago. Along with the rolling hills of prairie grass are the flint rocks. These rocks were used for arrowheads, cutting tools, and helped prevent erosion over time. Part of what has kept the flint hills untouched are the flint rocks that make it very, very, hard to bring a plow through. "

So, now we are on our way to Kansas City only because Harrahs has offered us a free room for two nights - and the word "free" can be very loosely interpreted.

All is well with us - no big fights - Agnes is behaving - I am getting a bit more homesick but looking forward to the next few days.

Take Care All


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