On the Road Again

Published: June 12th 2010
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Left Vegas and drove straight north to Utah. The mountains are absolutely breathtaking. Driving through them can be a little intimidating. I am still wondering why Bill said, (before we hit the mountains) if you want to drive, I could use a break. And so silly me, got behind the wheel and drove through 11 miles of the highest mountains I have ever seen, on the most narrow and curved road. Boy, was I nervous. Really annoyed me watching Bill snapping all the pictures (which Tonya asked for) while I was gripping the steering wheel, with sweat pouring down me. As we are heading into Arizona, the Rockies shoud be a piece of cake!

We travelled across Utah into Arizona again, pretty much hugging the border between New Mexico and Arizona. In about 3 hours we visited Arizona about six times - and on each visit, the time changed. By the time we got to our stop for the night in Page, Arizona, we had absolutely no clue what time it was.

Sightseeing today was all done in the car and you could not ask for more picturesque, beautiful country. We stopped at a Cracker Barrel restaurant for lunch and and I had Country Chicken and Dumplings for the first time. Our evening in Page was also interesting in that this town was developed in the late 1950's after the building of a huge dam and the biggest man made lake. The lake is mostly in Utah, while the dam is in Arizona.

Today, we arrived at the Four Corners, which is actually in New Mexico, sort of! The four states are Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Arizona, which as the name suggests, all meet. It is run by the Navaho tribe and there is a monument you can stand on which puts you in all four states. Had lunch there, cooked by a Navaho women, in a trailer. We ate Frybread - delicious.

Drove as far as Pagosa Springs and stopped. due to. yes, believe it or not, TORNADO WARNINGS! So here I am sitting nervously in a hotel room. The hail has come, lightening, thunder but no tornado yet.

Tomorrow, we are heading east toward Kansas but first we must cross the Rockies. Bill and I are going to flip a coin to see who is driving. Wish me luck!

Miss you all


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