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July 13th 2009
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One day down in Mexico and the familiarity of it already smacks me in the face. I look to my left and I see Ecuador. To my right, glimmers of Venezuela induce a second glance. Down the street Costa Rica waves hello, and if I turn my head ever so slightly, I see that Peru is tapping me on the shoulder. They are all here... and although Latin America is made up of a myriad of cultures, peoples and languages, it is impossible not to notice an overriding theme.

Flying in yesterday at dusk was an experience I will never forget. As we descended over Mexico City the fact that it is one of the biggest cities in the world became quite clear. The image of a sprawling octopus stretching its many suctioned tentacles far and wide came to mind, and if we choose to continue with this analogy, the historic center where the three of us are currently residing, would be the great big fat head. When you walk down the street you are confronted with an expansive plaza. Included in this one space is the National Palace, home of government goings-on and some amazing Diego Rivera murals (which I salivated over today quite openly and to the dismay of several small children that crossed my path); a cathedral lovingly pieced together like a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle from various centuries, kings and popes; and a long line of men standing in front of jewelry shops not trying to sell their wares, but buy yours if you so choose to part with it on this fine day. Also of note is the "nutritive store" directly across the street from our hostal that makes homemade icecream cones at all hours of the day and leaves the otherwise dismal street smelling of cake batter. Heavenly? Quite.

We ended the afternoon with a beer in front of a lovely cafe facing buildings that were over 400 years old. As I watched children play on the cobblestones and teenagers dressed all in black make out innapropriately in a corner I had to think to myself: feels good to be back.


14th July 2009

So good to hear about all of your adventures. Your writing is fantastic - I can picture exactly what you are describing. We are thrilled for Barn that he will be leaving the nest on Sunday - I think it is exactly what he needs to get his feet planted and his dignity back. You have had a large influence with that and I thank you. It will keep him occupied for awhile and help take his mind off of his loneliness:):) Stay safe and have a great time. Adios, mi amiga
15th July 2009

Father David - not son David
Hi Charlotte - seems life is treating you well in the city so I won't ask you how you are. I just finished reading all your Ghana stories - what an amazing journey you took. Beyond your fluency in Spanish, you also have a gift of story telling. I can't wait for the time you are published. Enjoy this adventure and keep posting. See you in six weeks.

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