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North America
June 5th 2009
Published: June 30th 2009
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Aside from my own experience in Buenos Aires, the material which I have been exposed to in class has made me feel very sympathetic to the suffering Argentines had to experience during the disastrous economic crisis of 2001. The film that Juan Carlos showed us in class about Argentine economic policies and how they really affected the working class and the less well off Argentines helped me see them and understand them differently. The way this film showed how dramatic and chaotic the situation was in 2001 under De la Rua’s administration exposes the real human side of Argentines in reacting against the cynical and hypocritical nature of the policies and decisions of the government. It was very touching for me to see how people of diverse backgrounds came together to express their disappointment, anger, and disagreement with the situations that they were being forced to be in. Watching among other people, house wives, students, and workers claiming for their rights and social justice and how they were being attacked and restrained by the police, who at the same time were just following orders, made me realize that despite of the not so favorable image that I have had of Argentines so far, they have also faced and suffered the violence and consequences of political injustice and corruption.

It is very amazing to realize how finances and economic matters, which usually seem to be so complex and complicated, can be understood through a political and socio-cultural sphere in which those in power opt to sell off their nation and people in order to pursue an individual interest. After all, regardless of Argentine’s constant and eternal arrogance, it is very admirable to see how they, as individuals and nation, have somehow managed to overcome what it is referred to, as Argentina’s worst economic crisis up to date.


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