Solomn's Island to...Deltaville-Day 5

North America
October 25th 2008
Published: October 25th 2008
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Heading to Norfolk we ran in to some really crappy weather. Very Bad. 25-30 mph winds and 5-6 ft waves. The boat has a pretty flat bottom so it does not take large waves very well. I started feeling queasy and our GPS was giving us problems again. We navigated through Chesapeake Bay until we couldn’t stand it anymore and pulled off at Doziers Marina in Deltaville, VA. Yay, finally out of Maryland! That experience was something I could have lived without. It was a bit scary…docking the boat was a pain the ass. The wind was ripping through the marina and there was one part where we nearly ran aground on a sand bar in the marina. It would have been all over if that happened but Walt pulled through and we got through it. After settling in, we called this restaurant called Toby’s and they came and picked us up for dinner! The ride to the restaurant was interesting along a small town road and through these old wooden gates past a collapsing house and broken down cars to this cute little restaurant in the back of the property. You wouldn’t even know it was there. The waitress, her name was “Sonar” like Radar, was very friendly and the food was so good, all home cooked to order and a great way to end the stressful day. The next day was a wash due to the weather. It was rougher Sunday than Saturday so there was no way we were going back out there but at least the sun started to shine again. This gave us a chance to restock the boat with supplies and get a little work done so it wasn’t a total loss. Sunday morning we road bikes to Cocomo’s for breakfast, we went to the grocery store that afternoon, and relaxed that evening getting ready for our next adventure to Norfolk.


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