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May 28th 2019
Published: May 28th 2019
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It’s a bittersweet time now. We arrived home safe and sound on Saturday, May 25th @ 7:30 pm. It’s always a feeling of happiness and relief. Lulu threw herself out the RV door and kissed the ground. Our surroundings were familiar yet so different as to what we were accustomed to in past years. We always returned to brown sticks as trees and green grass. That’s because we would arrive home @ the end of April. This year, we arrived at the end of May. WOW! What a difference a month makes! Full, green trees, flowers in bloom, robins making their nest’s, bees buzzing, newly mowed green,green grass ( thanks to our son-in-law, Jay). It’s summertime. Wonderful! There is no place like home! But we still want to sell it! What are we thinking? Times change and new choices must be made. This year we shall put it in the hands of an active realtor who is truly interested in selling our home for us. Last year....it was a real flop.

Fortunately, our journey home from Red Bay was completely uneventful! Thank you, God & Cory. No more white knuckles cause we knew our RV, “PP”, was in the best shape it has ever been in. If time allows, we may take another journey this summer. Where? Wherever the wind takes us. We’ll just get in the RV and say “Where Shall We Go” ....and head out. The life of living on the road....it’s a wonderful life!

Now it’s time to unpack and put all the stuff away. Ugh! Amazing how much we packed into this rolling bus. Rewards should be offered. Remember we left a lot behind in the container we anchored down on our site at Tropical Palms. Unloading & unpacking is a job and a half. We shall take our time doing it....what’s the rush? You should, too. I’m still not quite up to par so Cory has to carry most of the load. We may just take weeks if we have to. I am feeling better. My sputum has changed to a clear color so I’m on the recovery road. Whew!

A special treat as we “did the graves” for my family relatives. We went to my favorite and best of all store. Yes...go ahead and guess! Easy Peasy Squeezy! You got it. A Walmart Store. Happy days are here again. It isn’t a Superstore (my preference) but it worked. A void had been refilled. Yippee!

We wish each one of you all the very best that life can bring you. We enjoyed and appreciated your company on this winter respite journey. We hope our jaunts and excursions were as much fun for you as they were for us. It’s always so much more enjoyable when there are folks to share it with. I’m sure I wore you down in spots with my unending, rambling monologues. What can I say? I know nothing else. I get on a theme and it’s full force ahead. Nothing can stop me. It’s like a huge explosion. Hopefully, you’ve learned a method to scan over the boring parts....I’m just so fearful of leaving out the smallest tidbit. From my nursing career, I was taught if you don’t document it, it never happened! I apply that to my blogging style....as well you know.

Anyway, as this journey ends, there will always be another that begins. We are planning you will always be ready to hop onboard our mobile home and go with us. We’ll be sure to give you a head’s up as to the time. Lulu is responsible for seating assignments. She takes it very seriously. She has the list of all your names. If someone needs to drop out, just let me know so Secretary Lulu can removed your name. If any newbies want to join, just give us your email address and Lulu will reserve you a seat.

So, Dear Followers, we wish you a very healthy and happy summer with sunshine and bright flowers. We shall miss each one of you but, as good friends & family, it will only be until we are together again. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

And that’s all she wrote........

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28th May 2019

Glad you made it home. No projects for next year at the campground?
28th May 2019

Thank you
Well, we do have the Panama Canal Cruise ...beyond that. Something will surely come along.
28th May 2019

We will miss your wonderful blogs. you always keep us smiling. We love and miss you. Have a great Summer!! Until we meet again!!
28th May 2019

Thank you,Judy
We shall miss you & your following. Hope you & Jeff have a good summer. Love to you both❤️❤️❤️❤️
28th May 2019

Good ships
Like good friends, DONT sink just float around !
28th May 2019

We like that one, Dave & Linda. Happy summertime!
29th May 2019

home & farewell
Enjoyed all your adventures-time went by so quickly I can't believe it's summer already! 101 degrees today so I better believe it!
29th May 2019

Thank you
Hoping to see you both soon....I have a feeling summer is going to fly by. Safe travels when you start out.
29th May 2019

Home again home again jiggity jog!
Enjoyed your blogs this year! I think I caught most of them.... You guys kept me in stitches thru our long winter nights, and I felt as though I was riding right along with you and Lulu! Have a great summer, maybe we can get together sometime?
29th May 2019

Thank you, Jo
Yes, it would be nice to see you this summer. I keep wondering why we don’t do a family reunion...maybe.

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