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October 1st 2019
Published: October 2nd 2019
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Hello, Hello, Hello Everyone! We have missed you! Lulu has been crying herself to sleep every night she has missed you so much. It’s so good to be back with all of you. Lulu’s eyes are glistening with joy right now. I can’t get that Cheshire grin off her face. I gave her a bath in our dishwasher this summer. She is so clean and perky now. Our summer has been filled with many, many things that I want to share with you. I can hear your familiar moans & wailing already. That’s okay. I realize I tend to get quite loquacious. I am who I am. Yep, it’s cozy chair & coffee time again. Put your phones on hold and let the reading begin. I really don’t know where to start. Hang with me as I ramble around. So glad that you are along for the ride again. We could have used your support off & on during this past summer. I think I will start at the present and make our way back to leaving Red Bay, Alabama last May.

It has finally happened! We have sold our house of almost fifty years. We are nomads now. I guess you can call us full time RVer’s. We call PP (remember our RV’s name: Pretty Penny) our home now. As times passes, we may rethink all this and rent a condo or the like in “Somewhere, USA”. But for now, we are footloose and fancy free. Please let us know how big your driveways are. We would love to come visit you!

We have only owned just this one house. Before it, we rented homes. Thus, we have never had the experience of selling a house! Jeepers! What a process. Last year, we tried selling our house, our polebarn and my little trailer store (that I rarely opened...Cory didn’t want to deal with taxes, etc.). The inept realtor never showed it to anyone. So this year, we had an excellent realtor who sold it quite quickly. We only sold the house, the old wooden barn and most of the land to lower the selling price. We sold the “store” to a neighbor friend down the road who hauled it by tractor to his property to make it a camp. We kept our big polebarn and a little bit of land right around it. We use this polebarn to
Our RV parked at our polebarnOur RV parked at our polebarnOur RV parked at our polebarn

This is where we live right now.
store our RV as well as our car, truck, golf cart and all the stuff we own.....we isn’t much now. Our buyer wished he could have bought the polebarn because he likes to work on cars....we told him he was a year late. We have gone through everything required to get ready to sell a house. Because our house is an old farmhouse, we had to put in a new septic system in order to meet code. What a job that was! While they were doing it for the house, Cory hired them to put in a small septic tank at the polebarn so we have our own dump station now. Cory has hooked up a rain barrel system for water. God help us if it doesn’t rain when we need water. We’ll have to go down to the Genesee River and scooped some up. We had a new gravel driveway put in next to the polebarn to park PP when we are here for some reason. We are in the process of getting the electric switched over from our (their) house just to the polebarn. It’s taking forever. We now have two 50-amp boxes so if you have an RV, come and visit us at 446 State Rt.19-South, Wellsville, NY. Meet you at the barn! We’ll keep the light on for you and Lulu will be watching for you. She’s our lookout. We were so fortunate this summer to have Mike and Terri Boutet come and visit us in their 5th wheel. They used to set up at Tropical Palms right between us and Sam & Sandy. Now they stay at Lake Magic. We miss them a lot. It was extra nice to have them here for a few days. Great couple!

The family who bought our house is very nice. They have 3 sons (teenage and up). We are happy knowing such a nice family will be living and caring for our old home. It’s bittersweet sitting in our RV watching people come and go out of “our” house. That will take time to get over but we are heading south either later tomorrow or Thursday. Their moving van is coming then. Out of sight, out of mind. Lulu has been trying to roll herself (of course you know legs) over to the house and peek in the windows. She’s been unsuccessful. Plus, she doesn’t want to get dirty anymore. Speaking of dirty.....OMG....and I thought I kept a fairly tidy house! Yikes....take all your belongings out and it amazing what’s left behind. I was almost crippled and dead before the cleaning process ended. We should have hired someone. One thing that we were thrilled about was our fairly new mattress. Remember that perfect, cozy, comfy mattress we ordered from the Princess Cruise Lines. I didn’t want to give that way. Cory took out our Sleep Number mattress from the RV. He was quite sure our cruise one would fit. Our son, Cory, helped him move it into the RV. Hallelujah-it fit. Well, kind of. I kept all the foam pads under it to act like a box spring. The mattress now was about 20” from the ceiling. Talk about the “Princess and the Pea”. I would have to use a ladder to get on it. Unbelievable! Of course, neither of us could fit between the mattress and ceiling. The foam pads are gone now. The mattress is perfect both in location and comfort! Just like cruising all through the night on a heavenly cloud. We love it! Best mattress in the world. You are welcome
The hardworking men who did our 2 septics. The hardworking men who did our 2 septics. The hardworking men who did our 2 septics.

One at polebarn, the other at the house
to try it out anytime.

We signed the closing papers this morning at 9:00AM. The buyers signed their’s at noon. We visited a few friends and haunts around Wellsville for most of the day. We now go to McDonald’s frequently to use their WiFi cause with don’t have any of that or TV next to our polebarn. So if you are not hearing from us...don’t’s only because of lack of WiFi. But, please, stay tuned.....we shall always be back!

Okay - how you doing? Bathroom break time or texting? Do want you need to do. I’ll be here when you return.

Role call! Great! We are all here together again. Let’s go back to the beginning of summer. Remember I got sick on our way home from Red Bay, Alabama (end of May). Seemed respiratory with a fever but I was so lethargic & nauseous. Took some of my “cure-all stash” of pills. Maybe they helped some but not much. Once home, we had our routine doctor & dentist visits so I was glad to see my doctor. I told him how sick I was. He could see that I looked liked a haggard droop. He
Lulu inspects the size of house septic...Big! Lulu inspects the size of house septic...Big! Lulu inspects the size of house septic...Big!

“It puts the lotion in the basket” (Silence of the Lambs movie)
ordered more pills. Some relief but not much. For over 2 months, I laid on our couch (slept and watched TV) and ate very little. My exercise was going to the bathroom. I went to bed each night before 8 PM. I was sick, sick,sick! Nurse Cory was very good but even he grew weary of my ailing presence. I had to use a whistle and phone to reach him when I was in need. He spent most of his time in the polebarn. By desire??....hmmmm....probably. I wouldn’t have blamed him. I was so sick of being sick. I’m like Sheldon on one wanted to be around him when he was sick. Cory took me back to the doctor for various tests. I’m not a good patient! I forged bravely through them and they all came back fine. What was wrong with me? Death usually comes faster when you are as sick as I was! Another round of pills......and time....I finally rallied around and slowly recovered. My diagnosis: respiratory flu (had flu shot but they now say it wasn’t very effective ) that went into pneumonia (clear X-ray but I had taken lots of antibiotics) followed by a kidney stone (prior history so familiar with symptoms). I’m just glad I’m back to my old self again. Nurse Lulu helped Nurse Cory by resting next to me (she has many limitations)....offering her condolences. Those eyes....her burning eyes on me constantly. I had to get well.

That’s not all of my problems. You aren’t surprised, are you? As a prior sun-worshiper, I see a dermatologist on a routine basis. You play; you pay! No more Sun Goddess status for me. Anyway, at my first routine visit after our return, they observed a spot on my nose that I had been pointing out to them for 3 years. Years back, I had a spot of basal cell carcinoma on it but the prior dermatologist removed it....or I thought. Finally, probably to shut me up, they biopsied the tiny spot. Of course, it came back basal cell carcinoma. I dreaded telling them “I told you so”. Their decision was for me to go to a dermatologist who specializes in what’s called a Moh’s Procedure (you can goggle it). I’m nervous. Cory took me to this Doctor outside of Buffalo, NY. He was absolutely wonderful. In all my years, I have never met such a kind, caring, compassionate, competent, gentle, reassuring, guiding and explaining, thoughtful doctor. He’s one of a kind. He got me through the procedure quickly and thoroughly so no trace of cancer remains. I wish you could go to him if you unfortunately had the need. I’m a little scarred but not vain so I can function normally. You can still recognize me....that’s what counts.

Poor Cory, while I was immobilized with all my issues, he had to carry the load of getting our house ready to be turned over. Thankfully, our 4 children took most all of our furniture and heirlooms. But there was the moving of it all while taking care of me. All of this could not have happened without our family’s help and Cory doing double time. Besides storing a few of our treasured items in our polebarn (we parted with so much), Cory turned our black utility trailer into our new walk-in closet. No time to sort most of our clothes so there they are: in our new mobile closet. At least for now anyway. Cory had to contact and see so many different people and agencies. Everyone in the world had to be notified of our change of address which was really only the number. We had been 454 State Rt. and now we are 446 State.Rt. .....but it all had to be done. Little did we know what was involved or what it cost. It’s not cheap to sell your house especially if you have to put in a new septic system. We still came out ahead even though the closing costs included many people and services. Jeepers.

Our agenda at present includes heading South tomorrow or Thursday. We might stop in Smithfield, N.C. to see our friends, Les & DeAnne McKay. They are off I-95. We requested our golf cart to be delivered to our site at Tropical Palms on October 10th. So we do know we’ll be back at our winter respite home by that date...if not sooner.

I know I’m not giving you much time to pack but this isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve done it before with us. You can do it now. Try to cut back on some of the stuff you brought last time. You never used all of it. It adds to our weight and we are loaded to the gills right now. Lulu will be taking roll call and we have your seat reserved. Hopefully the line moves quickly as you board “PP”. See you then. We pray we have safe travels. We are carrying precious cargo with all of you onboard.

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Our trailer store: sold! Our trailer store: sold!
Our trailer store: sold!

It traveled down the road! .
Mike & Terri BoutetMike & Terri Boutet
Mike & Terri Boutet

Parked at Guenter’s polebarn
I was soooooooo sick! I was soooooooo sick!
I was soooooooo sick!

I’m all better now. It’s a miracle!
Our family: top with our children:Lory, Kim, Tim, CoryOur family: top with our children:Lory, Kim, Tim, Cory
Our family: top with our children:Lory, Kim, Tim, Cory

Bottom with our families minus 8 grandchildren

2nd October 2019
Our family: top with our children:Lory, Kim, Tim, Cory

Safe travels. Can’t imagine getting everything done for your new adventure.
2nd October 2019
Our family: top with our children:Lory, Kim, Tim, Cory

Thanks, Janice
It was a challenge but we made it!
2nd October 2019

Happy Travels
Enjoyed your latest blog, Sandy! Wow, what a year. Enjoy your TP time with lots of R&R!
3rd October 2019

Thank, BJ
Glad you liked the first blog. #2 was not as pretty. So ready for our R&R like you said.
2nd October 2019

Congrats and enjoy the next adventure!
3rd October 2019

Thank you, FA & Joe
As you can see from Blog #2, we have already had an “extra” adventure....just life on the road. Stay with us as we journey on.
2nd October 2019

Oh safe travels where ever the wind and Cory take you. Enjoy your blogs. Thank you for taking me on the adventure. Karen
3rd October 2019

Thanks, Karen
So glad to have you along with us!

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