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October 21st 2012
Published: October 21st 2012
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Hello again everybody.Two days from now we will be on the

plane for our adventure to New Zealand. It has been in the

planning stage for 2 years. If you followed our Europe blog

last year, we were going to NZ in early 2012. We did decide

that it was to soon to venture out after 3 months in Europe.

So it's now or (oh, I never say never). Most of you followed

us through the Alsace region of France, Belgium and Switzerland

last year. But for you new subscribers "welcome aboard".

I'll do my best to bring you along as we travel the full length

of NZ, seeing as far as I can tell, everything we can see and

do in 3 months. Not having been there before I am relying

on internet research and 2 really good guide books.

Please fell free to make comments pro or con. It's nice to know

someone is out there. And yes Tom, I'll try to send some food

pictures. Of course if you can't comment or don't want too.

There's always my email "lolson39@hotmail.com".

Yes and I will send some images. I bought Gloria a nice small

camera that will be nice in certain situations. She will help me!

To journey on to shores afar

Far from our home we go

To see a land as green as grass

Where emerald waters flow

Blessed be the traveler who ventures out

Curious of lands to see

And brings about, without a doubt

The treasure of memories. L.R. Olson Oct 2012




21st October 2012

Great poem! Bon voyage!
22nd October 2012

Is homestead USA your home?
22nd October 2012

Great poem Lowell - love it!! You guys have a BLAST!!
23rd October 2012

are you there yet?
are you there yet?

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