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December 17th 2011
Published: December 17th 2011
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The folks are in communication blackout while spending their days on the road, so I figured I’d take a bold step and offer up a blurp. Since I have no idea what they’re doing aside from driving a lot and sitting next to each other for extended periods of time in silence, it’ll consist mostly of pictures I imagine illustrate their time on the blacktop. Or that just entertain me.

Yeah, you’re welcome. I’m all that.

- Lindsay

Leanne, here. Turns out it's more of a communication gray-out, since Mom and Dad have mastered the use of cellular telephone technology. After blazing through the closing at lightning speed, they pocketed their big fat check and hit the road -- now homeless, unemployed vagrant hippies schlepping around the country in a van. So they stopped off in Harrisburg, PA and dined in an establishment befitting their new station. I am confident that they patoronized the adjoining country store, filling their pockets with Necco wafers for the ride.

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That's All I NeedThat's All I Need
That's All I Need

Just this chair. And this lamp. That's all I need. And this game. That's all I need.
Smiling Faces Beautiful PlacesSmiling Faces Beautiful Places
Smiling Faces Beautiful Places

Heads they win, tails they win. They can't lose. Lone Star via Palmetto.
Hittin' the HighwayHittin' the Highway
Hittin' the Highway

No matter what the road throws at them, like the horse leading the sleigh to Grandmother's house, they know the way. I went too far for that one. I just liked the picture.

17th December 2011

Necco wafers
Stock up on those Necco wafers! They might not see many of them as they drift farther and farther from New England! At least until Valentine's Day when those little hearts (Necco wafers in disguise) take over every check-out lane in America.
17th December 2011

Neccos are readily available in several locations within a five-mile radius of my home! Of all the things that could have migrated from NE to SC, we get Necco wafers...well, to be fair, we have Fig Newtons, too.

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