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August 6th 2011
Published: September 3rd 2011
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I couldn't wait to arrive home to feel fresh air! We flew( Me, Asiyah, Abdullalh) 6 hrs. from UAE to London on Emirates Air, which was a beautiful airline, best I have ever been on by far. If you ever want to treat yourself to a wonderful flight and can use Emirates Air, do it! It is new, clean, sleak, latest technology, great food, great service, they even gave the kids a back-packed containing toys, books, adorable sleep masks for kids, oh what a great first leg of the trip! Even better than Etihad, which I loved!
Ok so, I loved the way England looked as we lowered to land and I saw Buckingham palace, and the Thames River. It was very green and looked beautiful from the sky. I made a mental note to visit England one day. Then we landed in Heathrow Airport and I missed something somewhere and we ended up in customs, we waited in the long line with hundreds of travelers from all over the world, only to be told we didn't need to be there we were just connecting. Heathrow was horrible I was expecting a very modern airport, from my viewpoint it hadn't been updated since 1975. "How can this be?", I thought this is a major international airport. That was my first realization that I surely wasn't in UAE anymore---Gone are the emmaculant bathrooms, that have cleaning lady who cleans the stalls after each and every use, Gone are the marble floors, Gone are the workers to help you with your bags. I looked around me to see the Emiraties and see how they were faring, I actually felt sorry for the sisters who are so respected and treated well in their country where they wear their face veil. To be out in another place where you can be ridiculed, stared at, or harrassed for wearing hijab and/or Abayah, nonetheless a face veil. AAH Yes it was all coming back to me.
So after getting myself and the kids back on track we get on our connecting flight to the United States. We board American Airline. which is in complete contrast to Emirates Air. I couldn't believe this plane was being used to fly international. It was an old plane, the one where everyone watches one movie on little screens placed in the cabin aisles. My son started crying, He had already planned
Point JudithPoint JudithPoint Judith

Rhode Island
what video games he was going to play and what movie he was going to watch on his personal screen and that surely wasn't happening on this flight. The children slept most of the second leg and I watched a movie and read my book. After additional 7 hrs. we finally landed in Boston and my Mom and Stepfather where there to greet us!! I was so happy to see my family. Especially, my mom!
For some reason I didnt take too many pics in Rhode Island. It felt good to be home, but I also looked at my home town in astonishment, it now seemed like a "3rd world" country to me. The recession has really hit Rhode Island hard. In fact it Ranks between 1-10 of hardest hit states in the USA (depending on which stats you read) . Many family & friends who have relocated told me that once you leave RI you'll never look at it the same way. In one word it was depressing and it really upsets me because there are so many great things about Rhode Island and its people, it has great potential that is not being developed or utilised in any way. We spent time in Rhode Island visiting friends and family, but mostly I shopped for things, which are either way too expensive or non existent in the UAE such as: Good shoes, craisins, good clothes, good books, toys, etc. I also spent time getting rid of our old tenants and preparing for the new tenents. My Kids!!! Special Events in Rhode Island: My aunt Susan had a cook out for us and I was able to spend a wonderful time with family (mom's side) and get to see my good friend Nicole and my favorite cousin Raquel! As it would have it my cousin Rhonda had a graduation party for her daughter so I was able to see most of my family there (Dad's side) so that was great getting to see everybody. We spent a wonderful Day at my Dads house where they welcomed us with delicious lobsters! We went swimming and relaxed in the Jacuzzi, that was a great time. I forgot my camera and really wanted to get some pictures of my family. AAARGGGH!! We also spent a lovely day with my Mom & stepdad, at the beach in one of my favorite areas in Rhode Island, Point Judith. I also got some crabs at the marina. YUMMY!!! I also went out with my friend Nancy, that was a great evening. We went to her house where I enjoyed her wonderful garden, we had delicious pizza at popular Casserta's, it was delicious! Then we went to waterfire in downtown providence, then back to her house for fireworks, (which are now legal in RI). I also attended the annual sister's retreat and got to see some of my favorite peeps there and meet some great new ones. After about 3 weeks in RI, we (Mom, Stepdad, my friend Iman, her daughter Taqiya, and my little ones, and myself) drove from Rhode Island to Florida our first stop was in Virginia, where my stepfathers son put us up for the night in their lovely home and it was very nice. The next day we traveled onward to South Carolina where we spent 3 nights with an old friend of the family (Sr. Sahira and her daughter Lana). We had a great time there and another friend who now lives in Georgia also met us there (Sr. Naeema). Oh you should have seen us playing Dance Central Kenect! That was really a wonderful time one of the best moments I spent back home. I enjoyed so much visiting with the old girls, all of them like a second mother to me at one time or another. The kids found playmates in Lana's children, who were very gracious and seemed to be enjoying their summer vacation to the fullest. They had a nice swimming pool and a yard ideal for kids, and great video games. The kids were so well behaved and they all got along great. They were very hospitable and made us all feel at home. From there we moved on to Florida. Best thing about Florida was getting to spend time with my niece and her adorable baby, and my son Mikayl. I also got to see my brother & my other niece Bella, loved being able to see them too. Worst thing about Florida was the house that we rented was not at all what we expected. I wont go into detail suffice it to say that when we arrived we had to wash all sheets and Iman and my mother bought towels & sheets. The owners of the house had the nerve to advertise it as the Princess House, HA!! When Asiyah commented one day that she was a princess, Abdullahs response was: "Yeah Princess Disgusting!" Well this was a princess house for Princess Disgusting. We went to Ripley's believe it or not, Disney world was too expensive this go round. Me and Mikayl played Guitar Hero the night before we headed back to Rhode Island and that was a blast! We drove back to RI with one over night stop in North Carolina. Upon arriving in RI, I only had 2 days and I was returning to UAE. I gratefully spent the majority of that time with my son Jibreel, who actually lives in Florida, but arrived in Rhode Island the Day we arrived in Florida. So I was glad I got to spend a great time with him. Though we didnt get to the gourmet cupcake shop he was telling me about, we did get to have a lil sushi party at Amani & Kamals new home. I loved loved loved spending time with my children its been a long time since I have had the freedom to just enjoy them and I am grateful to God that I had that opportunity. Then we hopped a plane in Boston-the dreaded American Airlines to London. Then Virgin Air (very nice) to UAE!! I was very happy to be back in UAE, my husband welcomed us with a great breakfast in a french restaurant that I had never been to before. It was wonderful and after some rest he took us to spend a day at one of the hotels. I love the luxury of this country the only problem is in everything I do and every blessing I have I wish I had some family members to share it with. Two days later Ramadan came in and we began our days of fasting and worship.

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6th September 2011
Human statues

Asa, Great Blog as always. The ten31 productions "Human statues" was founded by a good friend/co-worker. He has done amazing things with his company,including travaling to Japan ect... He is very talented and I always knew he would do somthing great...I want to be one for a night!!! miss ya

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