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October 15th 2011
Published: October 15th 2011
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We decided to try to do more on the weekends. There are so many beautiful things to see here other then the malls. Now that the weather is cooling a bit we have decided to go on adventures during the weekends. We wanted to visit other Emirates and Oman which is the country neighboring UAE. In this blog we ventured to Buraimi, Oman which Al Ain borders. I actually live right across from the border so we have finally gone across to do more than just renew our visas. We decided to visit. We also took a trip through Oman mountains to get to Hatta UAE last weekend. Hatta was a quaint village we enjoyed visiting the fort there and the heritage village. The following weekend we ventured to Musandum, Oman going through Ras Al Khaimah UAE. both places we went where mountain villages. I LOVED IT! so far this has been my favorite place I've gone to. Musandum was unbeleivable beautiful my camera in no way did it justice. You should look at other pictures of Musandam on this web site or on the net. Anyway, this place was so picturesque. Mountains, deserts, and oceans. villages with goats and cows walking down the street or climbing the mountains. Beautiful beaches, old fashioned wooden boats.
We even saw a fox! and I hear there are leopards in the mountains. I absolutely loved this place. Unfortunately they charge quite a bit to cross into Musandum. So I dont know how often we will go its about a 3 1/2 hour drive but well worth it. I would love to spend a week there and talk with the villagers.

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16th October 2011
Dates from an Emiratis farm

they look very strange, but I"D like to try them. the dates that you brought back here for Ramadhan however were the best!~
16th October 2011
Asiyah & Abdullah first Day of School

my babies
they look like they"ve grown taller, especially Abdullah. They also would give the impression that they are the most well behaved children on this planet, hah! lol
16th October 2011
Oman on the way to Hatta

16th October 2011
Photo 19

16th October 2011

it amazes me how in the middle east you can be walking or driving down a road and suddenly a minaret or mosques just looms out of (seemingly) nowhere and presents itself in a ray of light!
16th October 2011
Photo 27

the bark appears to be made of shells or stone.
16th October 2011
Photo 34

oh i LOVE it!
16th October 2011
Photo 46

small doorway huh?
16th October 2011
Photo 47

i want to kiss her face too :) and help her look to see whats under that lid! lol
16th October 2011
Photo 49

16th October 2011
Photo 50

the figures are cool. i hope they're waxed and not embalmed! rotfl
16th October 2011
Photo 52

imagine if he all of a sudden stood up! lololol she would be so outta there!
16th October 2011
Buraimi, Oman

a lot of pics...
I'll have to see the rest later I'm gonna be late for class! As Salaamu Alaykum. :)
16th October 2011

lol that would be halarious if they stood up!
16th October 2011

Yes nice room small doors, this is an old old village that has been preserved for a museum. Morrocco still has small doors such as this that people still use!
24th October 2011
Photo 107

This is really an awesome shot. you should make a large wall photo of it.
14th April 2012
Photo 107

Awesome shot
thank you!!
24th October 2011
Photo 104

man! wow oh wow!
24th October 2011
Photo 100

24th October 2011
Photo 98

24th October 2011
Photo 102

mah babies :)
24th October 2011
Photo 108

MAH BAABBIIES they are going to be olympic swimmers :)
24th October 2011
Photo 134

very very nice. I hope you make some hard copies for your "travel Album" so that you can look back in years to come.
26th October 2011

Great family time
Alhumdulillah, you are able to travel and see the sites. Wonderful memories for the children and great family time. Making you living abroad worthwhile. Thanks for sending the link, I don't have facebook. Love, Rabe'a Allah Hafiz

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