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May 12th 2010
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Sand WavesSand WavesSand Waves

Approaching the sand dunes. I thought they looked like brown ocean waves.
October 24--This morning Cali and I drove on the the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. I hadn't known about this park before coming to Colorado this year. It was established as a National Monument in 1932, but upgraded to NP status in 2004. These dunes are the largest in North America, the tallest rising over 700 feet. They are caused by the wind blowing desert dust up against the Sangre de Christo mountains. It was fascinating to see the dunes as I neared them. They looked like giant, brown ocean waves up against the mountains. Medano Creek, which is at the foot of the dunes was totally dry when I was there. I was told, however, that if I had dug down just a little in the creek bed, I would have found water. I didn't climb any of the dunes, but some did. They looked like ants in the distance.

After leaving the Sand Dunes I continued on back to Pueblo through my last mountain pass at La Veta and on into Walsenburg. Along the way I encountered a small cattle drive along the highway. I pulled over to take pictures naturally. I wish I could have
Great Sand Dunes National ParkGreat Sand Dunes National ParkGreat Sand Dunes National Park

These are the largest dunes in North America.
gotten one of the woman who brought up the rear. She was every inch the “cowboy” in her colorful shirt, neck scarf and dusty chaps. Later as I was crossing the pass, I saw a herd of deer grazing close to the highway. It was definitely a day for the animals.

By the end of the day I was glad to get “home” to Pueblo safe and sound having seen some of the most beautiful country ever.

October 25-November 2-I spent this week cleaning up after my trip, getting laundry done and making the last rounds of relatives and friends.
I'm going to miss Larry's Sunday Bible class and the Monday night studies at his and Bonnie's house--not to mention all the great people in those classes. It's been a good visit here, getting closer to my family!

November 3-4 Saying goodbye to everyone I left Pueblo and headed south on I-25 to New Mexico. I really wanted to visit Taos, but feared the weather this late in the year. So, after Raton, I turned southwest to head to Texas on Highway 87. This road generally follows grasslands and has few interesting sights along the way, unless
Sand Dunes with PeopleSand Dunes with PeopleSand Dunes with People

You get an idea of the size of these dunes by the tiny climbers in the upper right hand area.
one counts the huge graineries in the small towns. I did see a few farms and windmills, the old fashioned kind.

One place I did stop was the Palo Duro River area, which contains not only some scenic red rock canyons, but also the start of the Red River. As I crossed that river, I could see where it got its name! This area is just south of Amarillo and is a lovely area with some great state parks.

November 5. I arrived at my niece Danette's early in the afternoon. I planned to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in the Dallas area with the Goss family.

Cali--Hey, I remember this place. They have some fat squirrels, here! I'm glad to be back here, because Mommy lets me run around outside more.

November 6-December 30, 2009. It was good being with the family again. We had good times together and ran around doing “Christmas” in Dallas. Activities included several shows, including the Nutcracker Ballet and shopping for gifts. There was a party for free-lance location scouts, which is what Danette does. I volunteered to put out the food and keep it coming. There was a lot
Dry Bed Medano CreekDry Bed Medano CreekDry Bed Medano Creek

The creek is full in the spring snow melt, but goes underground later in the year.
of food and believe me I ate my share!! I also began studying the Jackson Hewitt tax course on line, planning to work the tax season next year to replace some of the money spent this year! That was some hard work!

What a wonderful, blessed year it has been. I loved the travel, the sights, the cousins I got to see and the many new friends I made. I have had quite a time doing this blog and plan to do “book” two in 2010 as I travel the Eastern U.S. Thanks to all my cousins who let me stay with them, took me on fabulous tours and fed me great meals. Thanks to all my “fans” who followed my blog. (Cali says thanks, too.) May the coming year be good to all.

Additional photos below
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Where the Deer PlayWhere the Deer Play
Where the Deer Play

Deer along side the highway in Souther Colorado.
One More MountainOne More Mountain
One More Mountain

I don't remember which mountain this was, somewhere along the highway in southern Colorado.
Highway Round-upHighway Round-up
Highway Round-up

Move over for the cattle and cowboys
Red RiverRed River
Red River

You can see how it got its name!!
Windmill for DanetteWindmill for Danette
Windmill for Danette

My niece loves windmills and I thought this one in West Texas was picturesque.
The VictoriansThe Victorians
The Victorians

Many of the people of McKenny wore Victorian outfits at their Christmas week-end display.
Christmas SightseeingChristmas Sightseeing
Christmas Sightseeing

This is "The Girls" in McKenny, Tx., a town that dresses up for Christmas each year. From the left, me, my sister Joyce and her two daughters Danette and Tarena

4th June 2010

I had NO idea how huge those dunes were either until you pointed out the people in the background. My mind cannot wrap around how big those things are. It's incredible! I have just loved hearing about your travels.

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