Photos from Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States, North America

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Lower Geyser Basin
Old Faithful
Fumaroles in the background, wildflowers in the foreground
2nd cub
14-Week old wolf cub
Elk calf
Pronghorn deer
Pronghorn Deer
Bison calves
Coyote cub
Biking in Yellowstone
Elk and calf
Bison at rest
Yellowstone Canyon falls
Grand Canyon of Yellowsone
Morning Glory
Old Faithful
Basaltic columns
Petrified tree
An erratic
Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs
Canary Springs
Devil's thumb
Mammoth Hot Springs
Mud pot
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YellowstoneNationalPark 026
YellowstoneNationalPark 025
YellowstoneNationalPark 024
YellowstoneNationalPark 023
YellowstoneNationalPark 022
YellowstoneNationalPark 021
YellowstoneNationalPark 020
YellowstoneNationalPark 019
YellowstoneNationalPark 018
YellowstoneNationalPark 017
YellowstoneNationalPark 016
YellowstoneNationalPark 015
YellowstoneNationalPark 014
YellowstoneNationalPark 013
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