Yellowstone Falls

Published: September 6th 2017
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blog 09-03-17 Yellowstone Falls

Our destination today was Yellowstone Falls so we tried to get an earlier start, didn't happen. The entrance to the park was about 10:45 and we took the east route toward Tower and eventually Canyon. The road twisted and turned, up and up passing magnificent views of mountains in the not so far distance and beautiful meadows. Unfortunately the wild life had gone to bed for the day and refused to show themselves. The temperature was warm again so I don't really blame them.

As we drove higher and higher we noticed traffic ahead and thought OH Good we'll see some animals. Not to be. The traffic was stopped with people out of their cars walking around and looking ahead. We had passed an ambulance earlier coming the other way but didn't think much of it until a ranger came by and said to get back into your cars, traffic will be moving very soon. The soon was 10 more minutes but we did start to move along. A tow truck was pulling a very old camper down the road that smelled like something burned on it. We saw the crash site and think the old campers brakes burned up and they went off the road. Lucky for them, they could have been off the cliff.

On we went and soon found ourselves in traffic again. The road to the North lookout was backed up onto the main road so we headed to the South Lookout. The road was clear but just a short ways traffic was stopped. It took about 25 min to get into the parking lot and we found a spot right away. We were at Artist's Point and the view here is the best. Each viewpoint we tried was better than the last and we shot every angle. The scene is breath taking, between the colors of the steep valley and the yellow rock and then of course, the waterfall. Another WOW!

We took the road to Norris then the construction section north to Mammoth and Gardner back home. It didn't take as long as we thought and we were home in time for happy hour.

There was planning to do for our next stop so we proceeded to investigate the fires and how to stay out of their way. The management said we could stay another night here so that easied our minds and gave us a day off for laundry and maintanence.

As the sky darkened the moon rose and was a fireball, beautiful.

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