7/10/13 - Yellowstone National Park - Fishing

Published: July 13th 2013EDIT THIS ENTRY

7/10/13 - Briar, Shelby T, and Jack got up this morning and drove down to Bridge Bay Marina, got fishing permits, and then drove over to Gull Point to try our luck at fishing. It appears, from talking to park workers; that we are about two weeks late for the trout spawning run.

We walked out to the point and fished for about 2 to 2.5 hours with no luck except some beautiful scenery. Still had fun, though.

Aleta fixed Dakota eggs and spam which Dakota had been asking for. Later, we drove back up to Canyon Village to visit with Joyce. Joyce went with us for a little shopping, then rode back to Fishing Bridge with us. Along the way Joyce directed us down an unmarked road which led to the Yellowstone River. Dakota and Briar played in the river for awhile, then we continued to Fishing Bridge. Aleta, Joyce, Phyliss, Jeff, and his wife went to the Lake Hotel for some shopping.

Jack fixed steak fajitas for supper.

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