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Published: September 12th 2008
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West Yellowstone to Jackson

The day has dawned bright and clear and a FROST !!!The car had ice quite heavily formed on the roof and a liitle on the windscreen.I successfully locked myself out of the unit while Gretchen was in the shower so took a five minute walk in my shorts and t-shirt down the road in "Dunedin"like temperatures expecting that she would be finished by the time I got back.Funny enough the guy from the next door unit locked himself out too but he managed to attract his wife !!
A "home made"breakfast and we were on our way early to make the most of the day in Yellowstone National Park.
We had only got a couple of miles into the park and came across the first"änimal traffic jam".There was a small herd of elk with a very majestic looking male antlers and all.Great video and some good close up photos before we moved on.
Shortly thereafter another traffic jam this time for a lone bison walking up the middle of the road.You dont argue with those animals at over 1200lb.The traffic just crawled along and after we passed him stopped for some great video and photos of him walking up the road with cars behind.Murray merino had his picture taken at Sheepeater cliff and seemed quite at home.The site is a very ancient rock formation that had an Indian legend.
Had a walk around Mammoth where there are some very striking silica terraces and one can imagine what our terraces must have looked like before Tarawera blew up.The silica here is only white however.
Then it was off round the eastern side of the park where the road rises up to well over 7000ft.Pulled off for lunch and as expected before we knew it cars were pulling off too thinking we had spied some wild animal nearby.We had a good laugh as they realised we were only stopped for lunch !!!!
Tower falls was very spectacular and enjoyed a bison bits ice cream from the store a la Chocolate with nuts !!
As we drove on there were more animals in the distance but we were looking for bears and wolves and this wasnt to be the day we would be in the right place at the right time.Luckily we had seen them yesterday at the wildlife centre.
We motored on through the afternoon to the mighty Yellowstone Falls and river overlooks where there were people everywhere but the area to park and view is so large that no seems to get in anyones way.The upper falls are spectacular but the best view is off the lower falls from a vantage point that gives meaning to why Yellowstone is called Yellowstone.
Then it was onto Old Faithful and arrived 20 mins of so before she was due to erupt.Within a couple of minutes of the predicted time she did her thing for the hundreds watching from seating in a circle around the geyser.Still as good as ever and one of those icons that one must do!
We had hd a great day in the park with fine mild weather and now it was time to head for the overnight stop at Jackson Hole about 70miles away.As we were preparing to leave the park came across a notice advising of delays up to hald an hour due to roadworks 22 miles away.There was no other alternative road and true to its word the delay was nearly 30 minutes when we got there.Although it was hard to understand why they were stopping traffic for so long as nothing came from the other direction.This led to Gretchen saying that a woman should be in charge!!!!The Tetons looked majestic as dove past at sunset.There were people stooped on the roadside waiting to get pictures of the sunset going down behind the Teton range but we needed to get to our destination and anyway there was a bit of cloud here and there and the sunset didnt look that spectacular.
The delay meant we finally got to Jackson in the dark.This is the first town we have encountered in the USA which does not have any street lights in the towns main drag.Dont know what the city fathers are thinking but it makes driving tricky when one is relying upon opposing traffic lighting the way.
Our choice of Motel 6 turned out to be a non smoking room that clearly had smokers before us plus linen that was doubtful in cleanliness and the cost was the highest we have paid so far.Found our way in the dark somehow to Albertsons and the frozen entrees cabinet and equalled the record low of $1.89 each for dinner.Wyoming is odd in that you cannot buy liquor in the supermarket but you go to the liquor store next door owned by the supermarket.Of course you can buy alcohol in the gas station along with ammunition and pawn whatever you need to raise money from !!!!


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