Day 9: chillaxing

Published: August 28th 2013
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Tetons... heheheTetons... heheheTetons... hehehe

Although controversial, the most common translation or explanation for the name is "Large Teat"
It was sad saying goodbye to Yellowstone but we were 100%!r(MISSING)eady to be at the same place for a few nights in a row and looking forward to checking into the Jackson Lake Lodge. Three nights people!

We’ve complained about roadside signage before, it’s true. But, the Rockefeller Parkway has given us hope for roadway signs everywhere. Imagine traveling along at 60 mph and seeing a row of signs every 100-200 yards or so...

We saw wildlife

from afar

until we hit them

with our car.

Slow down!

Quality. It was also amazing watching the landscape change. The biggest noticeable difference were the wildflowers. The Grand Teton National Park is so close and still so different to Yellowstone. It was amazing to experience the change and drive up to those big mountains with what remains of their glaciers.

The rest of the day was uneventful. We checked in, made multiple trips between the car and the room to unpack, ate lunch looking at the Tetons, had a nap and then dragged ourselves out of bed for a quick hotel dinner before crashing for the night. Sitting still feels nice!

Additional photos below
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The Grand Tetons The Grand Tetons
The Grand Tetons

He was hungry - otherwise happy to be there. Honest.
Chillaxing on our verandaChillaxing on our veranda
Chillaxing on our veranda

Thanks for the wine Mickey!

4th September 2013

FYI. I burned the flat down.

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