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7/16/13 - Today we are leaving Ponderosa Campground going to Devils Tower. Very windy and we are in the high desert for much of the way. The route is through some scary mountain roads. We hit an elevation of 9062 enroute. A close call with an 18 wheeler coming around one of the mountain curves 3 feet over in our lane. I really thought we had scraped the mountainside dodging him, but luckily we did not. Some of the rock formations are 430 to 500 million years old. Temp was 65 degrees coming down the mountain. Ok, made it to Devils Tower National Monument RV Park - normally $12.00 with water and electric, but with America the Beautiful card = $6.00. Not a bad parki at all, but no generators after 8pm. Got informed of that ... read more

Our next stop along the way, is Devils Tower, WY. This is the first National monument, decreed by (guess who!) President Roosevelt, in 1906. You need to stop in a town before (we stopped at Gillette WY our first couple of trips, coming from the west, and Sturgis this time, coming from the east) to stock up on groceries, etc. (There's a little store at Devils Tower, if you forget something important.) Devils Tower is the focal point of the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". ( The KOA campground there ( is situated on the filming site and they show... read more
There it is
fallen piece
mountain in pieces

We checked out of our motel early and went to The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, which is an educational not for profit facility. Ithink Jon was disappointed that I spotted the signs for it butt he ended up getting some nice pictures of the wolves and I got another dose of bear. After the Discovery Center, we headed back to yellowstone for the last time. We headed South to see the Mid Geyser Basin, which we had missed on the first day. The Grand Prismatic Spring was pretty amazing. It is the largest spring in the US and is beautiful (google it!) We then repeated the walkfrom our first evening, from Old Faithful to The Morning Glory Pool, so we could get some better pictures in the sunshine. We then drove out of the East ... read more

We rounded up the group and headed off to Custer's Battlefield at Big Horn Mountain. Ed is a history buff and a wonderful tour guide. We started our "tour" by walking the battlefield down to the ravine. There are headstones placed along the field where the remains were found for the Soldiers and the Indians. The soldiers headstones are white and the Indians are red. It is interesting to see how the battle unfolded. There was a large Indian Encampment, approximately 5000, just over the ridge, beyond the ravine. As you walk down into the valley to the ravine you visualize the challenges that Custer's troop faced. There are small hills and mounds that entirely block your field of vision, or make it easy for you to disappear. The Indian warriors knew this land. They outnumbered ... read more
Little Big Horn
Soldier's headstones
Indian Scout headstones

I must put you in the picture, ever since arriving in America Howard and I have had this strange compulsion to start moulding things into this odd shape. It started off with little packs of butter at breakfast, progressed to ice creams, even soggy towels weren’t safe. Once we had bought a fork in Walmart it got worse, any time we had food we seemed to form a kind of mountain out of it and then had to use to fork to scratch down the sides. I was beginning to get seriously worried I can tell you! One evening I was flicking around on the tv trying to find HBO so I could watch True Blood when a news station caught my eye, I couldn’t believe it, there just for a flash was a picture on ... read more
Devil's Tower
Devil's Tower
Devil's Tower

Checked out Devils Tower (Bear Lodge) and a went by a huge field of prarie dogs.... read more

Whether as a sacred place to native Americans, or as a geologic marvel, or as a meeting place for close encounters of the third kind, Devils Tower looms large in American culture, and thus constituted our first destination as we departed Gillette. The iconic basalt column rises right out of the plain a few miles northeast of Gillette, and constituted only a small detour from our path to the Black Hills. It is visible from miles away, but its true grandeur and scale can only be appreciated close up. As we drove in, our stop at the entrance yielded a brochure similar to all the national park brochure, but to our surprise the most prominent quote in the brochure was from our friend N. Scott Momaday from his book The Way to Rainy Mountain: "A dark ... read more
Prayer cloth in tree at Devils Tower
Grave of "Wild Bill" Hickok

I headed west today, into Wyoming. When crossing the border, one sees the highway stretching away in the distance by a long mountain ridge. I thought at first these were the Rocky Mountains. In reality, they are the last gasp of the Black Hills. My main target, Devil’s Tower, lies within them. There are three roads to get there. I ultimately chose the long northern route, because it is the most scenic. The first part goes through rolling ranch land, with the mountains in the distance. Slabs of sandstone start appearing in the hills. The road ultimately enters a valley, on par with what the rest of the Black Hills has to offer. Along the way, it passes a town sign that I had to stop and reread, just to make sure it was not a ... read more
Devils Tower columns
Belle Fource River valley
Welcome to driving hell

Day 9. Tuesday September 8, 2009 We enjoyed a quiet, cool night at our campground in Sundance, Wyoming. During the night I pulled up a blanket for comfort and warmth. How delightful, compared to the hot weather during our first week on the road. Today was a relaxing, non-travel day. However our plans included a day trip to the Devils Tower about 26 miles north of Sundance. The clouds hung so low and wet, we actually turned back from a false start. Returning to town, we purchased a screwdriver at a small hardware store for a repair in Uncle Joe. And I purchased a windshield squeegee-scrubber at an auto supply store to help clean the front cap of the rig. We have been ridding the states of Montana and Wyoming of highway bugs, both on the ... read more
Devil's Tower in Mist
Long View of Devils Tower

Finally! We got to Devil's Tower, we finally found it on the 2nd day of traveling through Montana and Wyoming. Our navigator has taken us on a few crazy detours, one of which we filmed yesterday. We were trying to find Wounded Knee, Lucy brought us to some place down a dirt road, with a house at the end. Not what we were looking for. When we got to the Tower, I couldn't walk up the hill, so we could see all the prayer bundles, that is private stuff anyways, that's between the Creator and the person who left it. The tower was huge, it had turkey vultures soaring above it. And apparently, eagles soar around it in the winter. We sat at the base, we rested and took pictures, it is hallowed ground, many ... read more

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