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Can you believe this is what we woke up to this morning...Richard Dreyfuss was no where in sight...and after we traveled so far!!! Anyway, I guess 40 years is a little to long to stay on site. Al & Sue heading for Billings this morning to find local authorized Winnebago dealer to fix their hot water heater. Tom & Peggy have decided to keep them company and provide shelter & solace in case they have to leave RV at the service dealer. Tom & Peggy have already seen Little Bighorn National Monument, so won't be missing anything. If all goes well with the water heater fix, hopefully, The 3 From Naples will meet up this evening in Cody, WY. Dorrie off on our own to Little Bighorn and then on to Cody, WY... read more

Actually, didn't know what I was doing and forgot to post my awesome pictures of my awesome RV!... read more

Up early at 6am for a nice hot shower at Devil's Tower KOA...great facility right in the shadow of Devil's Tower. Very friendly staff, including Roberta who after I described the Great Alaskan Holiday adventure that we're on sounded like she wanted to sign up! Al, Sue, Tom, & Peggy headed for Billings, Montana to have Winnebago dealer repair water heater. I dumped the "black" and "dirty" water, filled the water tank (don't I sound like I know what I'm doing...not) and removed the leveling blocks, stowed the dump hose and we were on our way to Little Bighorn. The day was sunny and in the 60s as Dorrie & I headed out. We headed North toward the Montana border. Today, as with yesterday, Wyoming created the greatest impression as we climbed mountain roads lined with ... read more
Grave of fallen soldier at Little Bighorn
Little Bighorn Cemetery
Indian Memorial at Little Bighorn

DAY 16 - Tuesday, July 12, 2016 Spearfish, SD to Devils Tower - Wyoming to Buffalo, WY Just winging it. Before ever leaving Spokane, Geoff and I mapped out as many details about our trip as we could. But ever since Day 12 - when Spirit needed repairs - we’ve been “going with the flow” a bit as we head back west. It’s a good feeling to wake up and talk with God, “Okay, Boss, what do You have for us today?” Every day should have that simple focus - whether we’re on vacation or at home doing our “normal” daily jobs. This morning was relaxing and we scheduled horse rides in the afternoon somewhere around Devils Tower near Sundance, WY. It was an easy drive - distance wise - but boy can that wind blow! ... read more
Meeting our horses
Brave young one
City Slickers?

We drove to the KOA at Devil's Tower last night. There is a row of tent sites that actually faces Devil's Tower, making it one of the most picturesque camping places we've ever stayed. It's a little surreal to step out of your tent and see the nation's first National Monument right there. For that reason, I'm glad we stayed at the Devil's Tower KOA, and we would stay there again. However, it was also an expensive stay! We pre-paid online but still had about $5 in fees when we arrived. I didn't understand what they were for. Unfortunately, there was also a burning ban in effect, which wasn't their fault at all, but it meant we couldn't have a campfire to cook our dinner. They told us we could use a gas grill, but they ... read more
From the Devil's Tower KOA
Camping with a View
Up Close with the Nation's First National Monument

Livingston to Beartooth Pass This morning we were straight into Yellowstone NP. Our first stop was the terraces, they were very beautiful with all their icy looking platforms and colours and I couldn't help but wonder if New Zealand's pink and white terraces would have rivalled these if they were still visible. Stopping here was probably my favourite attraction of the day as the park just got busier and busier with RVs and tourist buses 😁 Next we rode to the middle part of the park, on the way in I spotted coyotes, loads of buffalo and antelope. No bears today!! Aside from the ever present awe inspiring mountain vistas there were also guysers aplenty, burbling mud pools and pretty sapphire blue pools of very hot steamy water. We rode around in here until about 4.30 ... read more
Lake Powell - just before ascending the Beartooth Pass
There may be bears here, or people out walking
Little Bear Lake

Yesterday we took off and went to Devil's tower in Wyoming. I was quite skeptical about going up there, but once we were there I was truly amazed. Especially the crazy people who were climbing the darn thing. Have I said how much I love my new camera lens..... Enjoy On the way to Wyoming we stopped in Sundance. This is the town where the Sundance Kid first was arrested. They even had a replica of the courtroom. Also are some pics of our visit to Sturgis a couple of days ago. It just made Joe and I miss our Harleys even more. Boo....... read more

Day 9: Devils Tower, WY, Latitude 44.59, Longitude -104.71, 75 Degrees and Cloudy. Day trip to Devils Tower. The boys now want to see Close Encounters. Tracey was skeptical why we had to drive another two and a half hours each way for one mountain. However, you can see it from fifteen miles away...and then when you are up close, it is so unique and impressive Tracey then appreciated why I dragged us out here. We hiked a loop around the base of the Tower. We could spy a few people ascending. One of the pics below shows someone nearing the top making the 90 degree incline of the climb. As we finished the hike we listened to Teddy Roosevelt giving a talk for a bit. The rain kindly held off until we were done the ... read more

7/16/13 - Today we are leaving Ponderosa Campground going to Devils Tower. Very windy and we are in the high desert for much of the way. The route is through some scary mountain roads. We hit an elevation of 9062 enroute. A close call with an 18 wheeler coming around one of the mountain curves 3 feet over in our lane. I really thought we had scraped the mountainside dodging him, but luckily we did not. Some of the rock formations are 430 to 500 million years old. Temp was 65 degrees coming down the mountain. Ok, made it to Devils Tower National Monument RV Park - normally $12.00 with water and electric, but with America the Beautiful card = $6.00. Not a bad parki at all, but no generators after 8pm. Got informed of that ... read more

Our next stop along the way, is Devils Tower, WY. This is the first National monument, decreed by (guess who!) President Roosevelt, in 1906. You need to stop in a town before (we stopped at Gillette WY our first couple of trips, coming from the west, and Sturgis this time, coming from the east) to stock up on groceries, etc. (There's a little store at Devils Tower, if you forget something important.) Devils Tower is the focal point of the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". ( The KOA campground there ( is situated on the filming site and they show... read more
There it is
fallen piece
mountain in pieces

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