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April 10th 2008
Published: April 11th 2008
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We sort of got to sleep in, at least didn’t have to get up so early as for a load in. Went to the venue and got ready for the show. A few last minute touch-ups, then a school show. It went fine. Anne and I were in a glass cage together and our monitors weren’t working. From what it sounded like, we were post-fader (I could here Kyle bring mics in and out) and 5 of the mics we were only getting the effect for. Yikes. It was quite the first half.

After the show, Sarah and I were chatting and she was talking about the fall tour and the possibility of being the PSM at some point. She said she didn’t feel well trained, and worse than that, she didn’t have a mentor to help her get to that point. “I wish I had an Uncle Dave or a Dale to call and say ‘fix this!’” Again, I was filled with gratitude and the knowledge of how blessed I am to have these people (along with many others) in my life who have taken me under their wing and taught me and loved me and make sure to answer the phone when I call from the road. Thanks, guys.

Lunch and nap after the first show. So nice. I was out like a Source Four during a blackout! But getting up was not so easy. When I was micing the kids for the evening show, one of the girls asked what I do, what’s my job. Brenda, I believe came over and said, “She’s the Light Woman.” Basically. But the local crew, composed of all men, started calling me “Princess.” Not sure if it was a good thing or not, but a bit humorous. The show went well, monitors and all, but the booth sat low in the balcony and I couldn’t see much of the stage at all, even with people sitting. Oh well. Load out went pretty well. Although I sliced my pinkie finger on a little Rosco gobo and bled profusely forever. Thank goodness for E-tape!

Did I mention it’s been pouring buckets for our entire stay?

Today I learned:
About SCR dimmers


12th April 2008

your welcome
Hey kid , no problem. i love helping you. See you soon! Dave

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