On The Road Again...

Published: January 27th 2008
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Back on the road again and taking up the backpack is definitely harder second time round. All the funny little details soon come flooding back to you. For example, just how much you have to cram into your bag, how much you hate flying, having to convert every dollar you spend into a logical and meaningful value, and of course, finding somewhere to stay and something to see!

Luckily we were picked up by Anne's godfather after a rather delayed flight and a slow trudge through US customs- amazingly avoiding all hassle, even with the dreadlocks in tow.

We visited Harpers Ferry, a national park a small drive outside of Damascus where we were staying. The park tells the story of the slavery and race prejudice in America and pioneer thinkers who tried to free the slaves. The whole place was quaint and quiet, but a gruelling -4oC outside following th coldest night this winter...-12oC!!

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