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September 3rd 2018
Published: September 4th 2018
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Airport Hotel ViewAirport Hotel ViewAirport Hotel View

Not exactly Vancouver Harbour.
It was dark when we had arrived, so we had not seen the view from our hotel room. In the morning, we saw it in it’s full glory. Let’s just say that it was nothing like we had got used to in Vancouver.

My wife and I went for a short walk to stretch our legs before our flight. Almost everywhere was closed, which (we found out later) was because it was Labor Day.

It was only a very short drive to Seattle Tacoma Airport, obviously, since we were in an airport hotel. It involved some right turns and so it is a good, final opportunity to note that turning right at lights in America (and Canada) can be a surprisingly confusing experience. When you are on a red light, you can in fact still turn right, albeit provided that it is clear and that there are no signs indicating otherwise. Then, when you get a green light, in almost every case, so have the pedestrians crossing the road you that are driving into, so you need to stop and wait.

And can someone please tell me what on earth a flashing green light means?

There is

Back in Washington State.
a complete lack of shops in Seattle Airport and those that are there seemed to be extremely expensive, despite apparently being duty free.

We debated getting a book about Donald Trumps tweets, but we thought it would be better to wait until his presidency is over, as there are bound to be a lot more of them to have a good laugh at.

We got some fantastic views over Seattle and over the Rockies from the flight.

It was the worst possible time for a flight. It left at 1.30pm Seattle time and arrived at 6.00am London time. That was the equivalent of 10.00pm Seattle time, meaning that we were only just getting tired and ready for a nights sleep when the flight was over and we were faced with a day after no sleep. I watched some good movies though. Reading was not an option as the reading lights were not working, although my wife made good use of her iPhone light.

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Aircraft ViewAircraft View
Aircraft View

Just a final parting view of Seattle with no smog.

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