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My first weekend of guide training was on the Skagit river, nestled into the western edge of the North Cascades an hour or so north of Seattle. As I had very nothing of import to do once my friends left Seattle, I showed up at the Blue Sky River House Bed and Breakfast around 1pm on the eve of our training. What I found was...nobody home, and nobody around. So I decided to drive further east and check out some campsites I had read about online that were free. Along the way I ended up doing a little hike to view the Gorge Dam which controls the Skagit rivers flow these days, and also got some neat views of mountains as the fogged parted ways occasionally. When I got back to the Blue Sky River House ... read more
Fairwell boat
Swimming the S Curves

We had a lucky trip back....we were flying on passes and so had no reserved seats, but on the website the flight looked wide open with plenty of seats....when we got to the airport, we found out that the plane was being loaded with lots of cargo, leaving perhaps no room for non-paying passengers. We waited with several other people for an hour, just about giving up hope and starting to plan for a night in an expensive airport hotel room...and then our names were called! We were off to DC. We also got on the connecting flight to Seattle without a hitch (thanks again, Karl!). Since we left late at night, slept on most of both flights, and got to Seattle before noon, it really felt like we just had gone sleep and woken up ... read more
Flowers I bought for our hotel room in BA
Kitchen in our room in BA
Bad Art = Bad food?

North America » United States » Washington » Skagit Valley November 30th 2008

After more than 30 hours of travel, we returned to the Pacific Northwest via Amsterdam. The Nairobi airport is not the best place to wait for three hours...but we made it through without resorting to buying more souvenirs...We arrived in Amsterdam at 5:30 am after an 8 hour flight. It was a gloomy, cold day in the Netherlands so we decided to stay in the airport for our seven plus hour layover....we rented a shower room which was wonderful (15 euros for 45 minutes) (well worth it especially if you share the time as we did). We also shopped (I bought some great cheese for Bill) and walked around, and around...and around. Our flight to Seattle was a little over 9 hours. As we flew up towards Greenland, I was absent-mindedly expecting to stay in daylight ... read more
A cold grey Amsterdam
Xmas in the airport
Logs from the trees that Bill had cut down

North America » United States » Washington » Skagit Valley October 23rd 2008

We had a wonderful trip to Connecticut and NYC at the beginning of the month, a great road trip to Eastern Washington last week, and a long kayak paddle yesterday to Whidbey Island. We will leave for Seattle on Sunday, and I fly off to Kenya via Amsterdam, with my friend Vicki on Monday. We will be staying in Nairobi for a few days and then heading north to Nyeri, where Mt. Kenya Academy is located. Next blog will be from Kenya! ... read more
At the beach where I grew up:  Giants Neck
My mom, stepdad Ned, Bill, and me at Devils Hopyard
Fall Colors CT

Our first intentional community visit in the US! ... read more
yacu and violet
garden beds

North America » United States » Washington » Skagit Valley January 15th 2007

Not the great European cities you were hoping for, eh? I thought I'd better put Blanchard up there with them, since I had a bout of pre-emptive homesickness (and a new camera) the week before I left. After that, I had the world's most ridiculous flight (90 minute drive to Seattle to catch a 50 minute flight to Vancouver BC, where I sat for 5 hours before my flight to London). Hellish as it sounds, it really wasn't bad, and I flew right over my house (those pictures are here too). ... read more
Night Out in Edison
My House in the Snow

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